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Map & Geography Primer of Barbados

Map & Geography Primer of Barbados

Barbados is blessedly outside the usual hurricane path

The National Geographic site offers a wonderful interactive map here.  And from TotallyBarbados:

Location The island of Barbados is located in the Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela.
Coordinates 13 10 N, 59 32 W
Neighbors St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines (both West of Barbados).
Area 430 square kilometers (or 166 square miles)
23 km (14 miles) at widest point
34 km (21 miles) long
Topography Barbados is primarily flat and low-lying. The land tends to slope towards the interior where there are some higher regions. The highest point, Mount Hillaby, is 336 meters or 1,100 ft above sea level. It is located in the Scotland District in the parish of St. Andrew. Apart from large sugar cane estates and pastures, there are some marshes and mangrove swamps in certain areas.Unlike some neighboring islands, Barbados is non-volcanic, composed primarily of limestone-coral.
Territorial Waters Territorial sea: 12 nm
Exclusive economic zone: 200 nm
Notes Barbados is the most eastern of the Caribbean islands.
It is considered part of the Lesser Antilles.

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