Cricket 2009 in Barbados

Cricket 2009 in Barbados

The only thing I know about cricket is that there’s an advertisement for condoms along Hwy 7 that reads, “It’s your wicket. Protect it.”

I’ve tried to understand cricket – honest!  I attended my first game at Barbados’ Kensington Oval in mid-2008 and was fascinated by the elegance of the sport (how adorable, the players break for tea!), but despite the many questions I asked of our cricket-loving friends that day, I left not understanding a whole lot, I’m afraid.  In fact, it took the caffeine of several dietCokes to even stay awake …  And the whole notion of playing a single game for days and still, possibly, no winner?? That’s just so not the Yank sports mentality.

Barbados cricket

Coming soon to Barbados: England-West Indies cricket matches

Have I embarrassed myself enough here? (Don’t answer that.) I defer now to to offer some substance to this blog post:

“Cricket is the national sport of Barbados and the West Indies, and almost every year International Test Matches and One Day Internationals are played at Kensington Oval. In addition there are local and regional competitions throughout the year.

“In 2007 Barbados hosted the World Cup final as well as six ‘Super Eight’ matches and several warm-up matches.”

Here’s the schedule for upcoming matches.  Yes, I’ll be at some of these.  No, if it embarrasses you to know someone so clueless as I, you don’t have to say hi.  I’ll understand. 

England tour of the West Indies 2009 – Barbados Itinerary

Wed 21 Jan: England team arrive, Barbados

Sun 25–Tue 27 Jan: Three-day practice match, Barbados

Thu 29–Sat 31 Jan: First-class match, Barbados

Sat 21–Sun 22 Feb: Two-day match, Barbados

Thu 26 Feb–Mon 2 March: Third Test, Kensington Oval, Barbados

Fri 27 March: Third one-day international, Kensington Oval, Barbados

Sun 29 March: Fourth one-day international, Kensington Oval, Barbados

For ticket information, please visit WICB (West Indies Cricket Board).

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  1. Sharon says:

    The rules are easy, when you’re in;you’re out and when you’re out; you’re in.
    Football (not that NA game, but the real football) is as popular here now. Especially with the young people

  2. I love your explanation, Sharon: When you’re in you’re out and when you’re out you’re in.

    Reminds me of learning how to drive around Barbados’ roundabouts. I asked, “When I approach a roundabout, how do I know it’s my turn to get into the roundabout?” I was told, “Whoever gets there first gets in.”

    Yikes. We’re living in Dr. SeussLand!

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