Dropping Off the End of the Earth .. aka .. Getting Married

Dropping Off the End of the Earth .. aka .. Getting Married

Running hither and yon and back again to hither, my Bajan guy and I secured a marriage license.  We lined up a magistrate.  Reserved the upstairs of a fabulous seaside restaurant.  Invited our beloved families.  And got hitched. Last Friday.

So, no, despite a number of queries from you all, I did not drop off the end of the earth … although I’m sure those more cynical than I would call getting married just that.

More on the marriage another time.  Just wanted to check in.  And I’m wondering … Where does one honeymoon when the wedding’s in paradise??

Barbados wedding

Barbados wedding: MINE!

7 Responses to “Dropping Off the End of the Earth .. aka .. Getting Married”

  1. Greg says:

    Great post! Who ARE those celebrities, anyway?

  2. Stephen says:

    congratulations, just getting thorugh the legal process is great fun in barbados.

  3. Hahaha … With all the running around, FedEx’ing to the States and back, various and sundry paperwork, frantic phone calls, and swearing-with-hands-on-Bibles, it’s a wonder that as many people get married as do 🙂

    Actually, everyone we encountered during this process was really nice and sincerely happy for us. Seeing people in love – maybe particularly old people like my partner and me – perhaps gives people a little joy in their work. Maybe even, for the singles “of a certain age” out there, hope.

  4. Stephen, I love that you posted a photo. It’s nice to “see” the people I converse with. Thanks for doing that.

  5. Stephen says:

    If you’re old then I’m ancient. You must be young!
    You’re only as old as the person you feel, or something like that.

  6. Hahaha … Where did that saying come from, um, Donald Trump? J. Howard Marshall? Michael Douglas?

  7. […] one of my favorite restaurants (and site of Greg’s and my wedding in January) closed last Friday.  On that day, employees were called in for a 5 p.m. meeting and […]

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