Thank You, Barbados Free Press

Thank You, Barbados Free Press

Well, gosh, hm, thank you, Barbados Free Press blog.  I’m honored by your very notice of my blog.  Many thanks.  I want to address  your comments about my marketing approach.

Barbados Free Press Blog - And, ouch, sometimes it can sting a girl

Barbados Free Press: Bajans Share and – Ouch! – Sometimes What They Say Can Sting a Girl

My marketing approach comes from my belief that selling is only in part about the product itself … For example, women buy beauty creams – but, looked at more broadly, what women are actually buying is a way to look as attractive as possible. (It’s been said that buying beauty cream is buying hope and I do it as much as any woman out there.)

Likewise, when travelers research a holiday rental, they are looking for more than two bedrooms-two bathrooms.  A traveler can get a two-bedroom condo anywhere in the world.  Why would they choose Barbados?

They choose Barbados because of the place they imagine Barbados to be: a paradise with a vibrant blue sky, a warm aqua sea, an ideal climate, and an experience that will take them far, far away from their “real” lives.  With each holiday rental I let, I’m selling Barbados as much as I am an apartment to stay in.

One vast, blue reason people visit Barbados

So, if I’m selling Barbados, I need to consider what distinguishes Barbados from any other tropical paradise.  Well, about a jillion things … and those things are all part of my marketing message.

We don’t have Starbucks … and it so doesn’t matter.  Indeed, it’s a plus – a big plus – that we don’t have Starbucks.  My little video points this out.  Every chance I have to point out the beauty, the fun, the idiosyncrasies, the sheer treat of getting to be in, of all the places, Barbados, is all part of my marketing message.

Another reason ...

Another reason …

It helps that I love it here, absolutely love it.

Which brings me to the second point I want to make, about my “Canatrash” post.  Like I said, I love Barbados.  Every time I step out of the door of the airplane and walk down the steps to the tarmac, I breathe in the fresh air and bask in the warmth – and I’m very happy to be back in the beautiful place that is now my home.

But like any place and like any job any of us has, I have, um, issues … nowhere is actually perfect – if it were, it wouldn’t be interesting.  It’s the bad juxtaposed with the good that provides texture to an experience.  For example, I found myself stuck in wretched traffic and fuming recently …. then I noticed that it’s a man pushing a cart of coconuts up ahead that’s holding up traffic;  I laughed and forgave the traffic — for once again I was charmed by Barbados.

Some comments on your blog, BFP, accuse me of disliking Canadians.  Two weeks ago I sat on our small beach with my video cam filming two Canadian children playing in the sea, created a little movie of them, set it to music, and gave it to their parents as a parting gift.  I have no issue with Canadians.

My issue with the folks I was blogging about had nothing to do with the fact that they were Canadian; that just happened to be the country they were from.  My issue was that these visitors had told me they’d be a group of four (they signed a contract to that effect) but six showed up.  My rental unit simply isn’t set up for six.  In addition, we agreed that they’d bring payment for the rental; they did not do so.  My term “Canatrash” was simply a colorful description of an attitude they seemed to have about flouting the rules.

In fact, after our rocky start, I learned that these were good souls and I reported this in a subsequent post.

One of your readers, BFP, made a comment asking how can I expect to effectively market when I speak badly of people.  This is an interesting point and when I was writing that post I worried about just such a reaction. However, I decided to go ahead because this blog is not just a marketing tool but, I hope, something real … about a real woman who came here from America and is dealing with the challenges and pleasures of a new and foreign place.  Along the road, I’m going to have observations about people I meet.

It’s important to remember when reading any other person’s observations that people see the world not as it is, but as they are. Meaning that my observation of these visitors and the way I processed the experience said more about me than about them.  I shared this as well by letting you know that I have on occasion suffered consequences of being super-nice.

So … onward.  Sometimes we’re going to tee people off.  What can we do in life but keep pressing forward?

I appreciate your giving me an amazing and wonderful presence on your site, Barbados Free Press.  And I appreciate, too, this chance to explain myself.  Even though this is my own blog and I can say what I want here, your commenters gave me a chance to explain myself further.  I’ve gotta say, some of those comments stung.  But that’s okay; I opened myself to that.  And, again, back to my last point: the comments are fascinating in what they say about their authors.

Warm regards.

3 Responses to “Thank You, Barbados Free Press”

  1. Red Lake Lassie says:

    You girl can surely write. I am ammmaazzzzed that you published the head photo from BFP! That makes you only the second blog to feature our Prime Minister Thompson, Opposition Leader Mottley and former PM Owen Arthur pictured as Piggy Politicians at the Public Trough. LOL!

    Girl, you got some guts in your belly! I laugh so hard at that picture when I see it first.

    Blessing upon you for the nise things you say about Beautiful Barbados.

  2. Thank you, RedLakeLassie. Yes, the piggy photo is a hoot … I’m not involved in local politics, but I always appreciate political commentary and that photo speaks a thousand words, doesn’t it??

    Love that expression you use, “guts in your belly.” Gotta have guts in our belly, don’t we? Without ’em we’re just half alive imo.

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