Would YOU Want to Get Cozy Here?

Would YOU Want to Get Cozy Here?

Call me a sex-snob, I don’t care.  I love to travel, have been many-many-many places around the world, have stayed in five-star and no-star places and will freely admit the truth:  there are some hotel rooms in which I will not get cozy with my guy.

It’s not about the number of stars.  It’s about the ambiance of the place.  Look at this place … Nope, I wouldn’t and if I’m ever there, I won’t:

No-Name, No-Sex Hotel

No-Name, No-Sex Hotel

I don’t care how much in love I am or how hot for my guy I might be … this environment is not gonna get him any.  Greg and I have a couple of times chosen, um, unwisely.  In Antigua recently, I chose the place we stayed. Looked pretty great online.  The place even looked okay from the outside once we got there.  But the moment we entered the room, I looked at him, and shook my head.  He knew.

He found us new accommodations the next morning.

I mention this because I rent out condos at the St Lawrence Beach Condominiums in Barbados.  And really and truly, no matter how great the view (and the sea views of these condos would knock the socks off even the most jaded traveler), the sex appeal of the actual accommodation itself still matters.  Greg and I live in one condo at St Lawrence Beach Condos and own a second one that we let as a holiday rental.

Now, before I get into the getting-cozy part, I need to give the uninitiated some background info on Barbados’ south coast buildings.

Here in Barbados buildings aren’t so much constructed as assembled. New places are going up down the Gap; I watch the workers erect large pre-manufactured concrete slabs to make walls, floors, and ceilings as though they’re giant kids’ toys.  One concrete slab, then another at a perpendicular angle, window and openings pre-cut. God help the workers who might mistake a wall for a floor and end up with windows in odd places …

The net effect of this building method is that structures here on the south coast of Barbados lack architectural charm.  Nary a detail suggests that a building might have been lovingly crafted or might have come from the imagination of a developer who wants to offer something to this beautiful island that is as special as the island itself.

I realize that building is expensive, but this method of so-called construction is a crying shame.

Yet I own two of them.  One concrete box is my home.  Another is my rental property.  The challenge for Miss-it’s-gotta-be-sexy is that the concrete box Greg and I live in needs to be cozy enough to be our home. The other concrete box needs to be cozy and attractive enough to charge money for.  A to-die-for view is fabulous to have, but it’s just not enough; anyway, you can’t see the dreamy aqua sea at night …

When I decorated both these places, the guiding force in my mind was: Would I want to get cozy here?

All my getting-cozy talk is hardly as salacious as it sounds (sorry) … it’s just a way to describe an atmosphere I wish to create for my new husband and me as well as for renters coming from halfway across the globe to visit Barbados.

I’m happy to report that, um, Greg and I have a cozy life together.  And from the glows of the people renting from us one floor below, I think I’ve done pretty well with the rental apartment, too.

There’s a Part II to this blog post; stay tuned.  In the meantime …

"Let me slip into something more comfortable" St Lawrence Beach Condominiums, #11

Let me slip into something more comfortable at #11, St Lawrence Beach Condominiums in Barbados

3 Responses to “Would YOU Want to Get Cozy Here?”

  1. Greg says:

    Hmmm… can’t wait to read the next installment… maybe….

  2. planetbarbados says:

    Hey, everyone! I may have found the key all women are looking for to keep their man in line …. a BLOG!!!

    Actually, darling, I’m going to write Part II right now and it has nothing to do with you. So relax already. :)

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