Barbados Grocery Shopping: You’re Closed??? During Business Hours?? Why Are You Closed??

Barbados Grocery Shopping: You’re Closed??? During Business Hours?? Why Are You Closed??

Will someone please explain to me the retail concept we see here in Barbados of being closed during prime shopping hours?

I went to ‘Big B’ this morning to so some grocery shopping.  It’s height of the tourist season.  It’s a Sunday, when most people are off work and would like to get prepared for the week ahead.

Yet ‘Big B’ was closed.

Apparently, inventory was being conducted.

Inventory?  During business hours??

Let me get this straight:  Inventory – a basic store function, just like cleaning the floors – is being done not at a time that’s convenient for customers — who are the reason for the store’s existence — but at a time that’s convenient for the store managers and employees??

I’ve seen inventory being done in US grocery stores with no disruption of service even at 24-hour grocery stores.  Other stores manage to get inventory done when the store is closed.  Amazing retail concept:  count your cans when the store is closed so that you can serve shoppers – and bring in revenue – during regular hours.

Went over to TriMart down the street.  Walked inside.  The lines were halfway to the back of the store.

Of course they were.  Big B was closed.

I decided milk is overrated – and left.

Ah, life at Barbados' Big B grocery, when it deigns to be open

9 Responses to “Barbados Grocery Shopping: You’re Closed??? During Business Hours?? Why Are You Closed??”

  1. stephen says:

    I know, drives you crazy sometimes. They do issue notices in the newspapers (if anyone reads them) about shops being closed for stocktaking.

    Get better software and do it at a better time.

  2. Ashmita Maharaj says:

    It’s funny because I thought they had that point of sale system that automatically did inventory for them.

  3. Barbadienne says:

    this is one thing that use to piss me off when I was living in Barbados. Big B and Supercentre closed off on Sunday the head day when you would want to do groceries since Saturday is too hectic. Maybe you should write them a letter or something because it is annoying. At least you are not in a country where everything is closed in Barbadados. I read your bio and it is good that you chose to live in Barbados. Do not get flustered it is learning process and you will realise it is not too bad. I use to complain about Barbados when I lived here. Now I have moved away I really wish I had some Barbadian customer service where I am.
    Yes stephen there are notices in the newspaper but a tip for you is just to ring them if u think abt going I know it sounds too much but it sucks to go there and it is closed
    Good luck with your transition in Barbados.

  4. planetbarbados says:

    Maybe giving the store a call before going is a good idea. And maybe Big B even answers their phone. Alas, try that with PriceSmart … there is No Answer. Ever.

    You’re right, Barbadienne, that the devil you know might be better than the devil you don’t. I don’t even want to think how life would be in about a jillion other countries. The thing about Barbados, for me, is that no matter how annoyed I might become, something inevitably happens that charms me to pieces and I fall in love with the place all over again.

  5. planetbarbados says:

    Ah, interesting that stores put notices of their closings in the newspaper. This indicates to me that these seemingly odd closings occur fairly (and frustratingly) frequently. Hm.

    Still, the notion of checking the paper is very odd to me. I mean, when I run out for a few groceries, would it ever occur to me to check the newspaper beforehand?

    Actually, if I encountered such closings frequently enough, I guess it would.

    I mean, I’m a stubborn Yank but I can be trained. After a couple of times of being unable to find ANY diet Coke anywhere on the island, I’ve learned to stock up. Ditto with milk .. I always have a spare in the freezer. And in the holiday rentals I let, I had a guest arriving who asked if I would stock his rental with English muffins and butter before his arrival. If he only could appreciate how difficult finding those muffins was! They’ve become yet another item I keep stocked in my freezer, just in case …

    I guess Greg and I could live a month off the stuff I have stashed! If I were a truly evolved human being, I not hoard and would be able to find some peace around the fact that sometimes certain foods will not be available. Alas, I’m an American.

  6. stephen says:

    Diet Coke! I’ve been a Coke Zero fan for years, but thye make the mixes different in countires around the world. Wow, it finally arrived herew a few weeks back; I went to BBC and bought two cases. Alas, the mix here is not like the mix in the UK or the USofA. It’s suposed to taste exactly the same as full fat coca cola but without the sugar, just the sweeteners that help you retain water instead! Alas again, I might need to go elsewhere for my coke zero, while watching the waves.

  7. planetbarbados says:

    I recently discovered Coke Zero (so called, I understand from an ad man, because men don’t like to associate with a name so girly as “diet Coke”). I’m drinking one as I write this, in fact … Yes, yes, I know it’s not yet 10a.m. Does this stuff have more caffeine and sweetener than diet Coke, at least the way it’s mixed here in Barbados?

  8. Stephen says:

    It’s a different drink to diet coke, it’s a different mix of sweeteners, but yes, it is so called to avoid men drinking a diet drink.

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