How High Can You Go in Barbados?

How High Can You Go in Barbados?

miamibeachhighriseCan you help me?  I just returned from Miami Beach, where high rise buildings (hotels and condos) line the beach.  Here in Barbados we clearly have a height limit on buildings along the shore – but I’m having a difficult time finding what that limit is and how it came to be.  I see in Warrens that buildings are far taller than those on the shoreline.  Is there a height limit on buildings in the Warrens area as well?

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  1. Ashmita Maharaj says:

    Rumour is there is some ridiculous law that limits the height on these things in Barbados, which is a real shame since some communities over there just look so crowded and ugly, when a high rise would’ve accommodated so many more people. I’m all for cultural cognizance but let’s face it everybody can’t have a detached house and land on a tiny little island! I guess you’d have to call Town & Country Planning Department and find out your answer.

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