Ricardo, Rock Star of St Lawrence

Ricardo, Rock Star of St Lawrence

Ricardo’s our own personal rock star here at St Lawrence Beach Condos.  He’s young, attractive, easy-going, personable, capable, responsive, and liked by guests.  He’s so well thought of by our guests, in fact, that he’s often mentioned in the reviews they write on TripAdvisor.  He’s got a son who’s has handsome as he is.


My husband and I live in St Lawrence Beach Condos.  If Ric happens by my car when I get home with groceries, he helps me haul them into the elevator.  When an air-conditioner needs attention, he’ll fix it.  A sliding door gave trouble the other day; Ric fixed it.  He contacted a taxi driver he knows to arrange for a 5am pick-up for a departing guest.

The other night around 9pm, the water on the third floor (and only the 3rd floor) of the building inexplicably stopped flowing.  How irritating.  I was all ready for my shower, too.  Grumbling … this happened once before … I grabbed a bar of soap and a towel, wrapped up in a robe, and headed down to the poolside showers.

I ran into Ric in the hall.  He was reassuring guests that the water would be back on sometime during the night and he was sorry, there was nothing that could be done on our end .. it was a waiting game, he said.

He explained to guests that this happens occasionally on the upper floors of buildings when the cane is being cut or there’s a fire somewhere on the island, both of which require extra water.

Oh. I didn’t know that .. thanks.  And thanks for coming over at 9 o’clock to reassure us.

This morning, when I was out early, Ric was raking our beach. I was out there taking photos (including this one of him). He told me that before our building was converted from a hotel to condominiums, the beach was large.  (You can see it here, on this very out-of-date web page.)  During the past couple of years, the beach has become smaller.  Erosion.  Construction, too, Ricardo surmises.  But, he noted, our beach has recently begun coming back.  Yes, I said, I noticed our little beach was growing.

Guests know his name and he theirs.  Friendly hellos.  An easy smile.

St Lawrence Beach Condo beach

St Lawrence Beach Condo beach

So life in Barbados has its ups and downs; sometimes the water even goes off for a few hours.

You know what?  It really doesn’t matter.

Rock on.

3 Responses to “Ricardo, Rock Star of St Lawrence”

  1. edie says:

    Ricardo was the first person we met when we arrived at the St Lawrence Beach Condo’s. He made us feel so welcome and was very thorough in showing how everything worked. Its so great to see Ricardo everyday with his great smile and cheery personality. Love his saying when you ask how are you today? Ricardo answers “if I was any better I would be a twin”.

  2. Stephen says:

    He did some work at our house years ago; he was excellent. My young daughter had problems with his name and called him ‘Advocodo’!

  3. planetbarbados says:

    Edie, thanks for reminding me of Ricardo’s famous response. When things get hectic and go haywire around St Lawrence Beach Condos, we wish he had a twin to help out!

    Stephen, you make me smile. Thanks.

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