Seeing Barbados Through the Eyes of Another

Seeing Barbados Through the Eyes of Another

An e-mail from photographer Keith Clarke arrived yesterday and I’m cheeky enough to use this as an excuse to post another of his beautiful photos of Barbados.  In return, he gets this plug.  Ah, I love the quid pro quo of the Internet world.

Mr Clarke wrote to tell me where his gorgeous book, Old Barbados Through Photography, can be purchased on the island.  Those places are noted below.

His photos of Old Barbados landmarks are a record of the island’s past as well as a plea for preservation. I ordered my copy of his sumptuous book by mail (go to his site for info) and after oohing and aahing over the photos, I got in my car and drove to some of the spots he depicts.  Amazing how photography gets us to see the very things we pass by every day.

Below:  The derelict Empire Theatre on Probyn Street in Bridgetown, by Keith Clarke. Its title? “Just Restore Me!”


Aunt Paulie’s Convenience: Shop C2 at Grantley Adams International Airport, (246) 428-731

Main Office Address: Savera House at 116 Roebuck St in Bridgetown, (246) 429-8546

Phone orders: (246) 256-4170 or (246) 256-5415

7 Responses to “Seeing Barbados Through the Eyes of Another”

  1. homegrown says:

    Jane is Aunt Paulie’s one of the stores outside of the departure area? I am dying to get this book ! Thanks for following this up!

  2. planetbarbados says:

    Yes, I believe it is. Keith Clarke wrote in his e-mail “C2” as an “address” (as addresses go here in Barbados!) at Grantley Adams … Like you, I believe this is the address of Aunt Paulie’s in the airport outside departure. Good luck! xx

  3. homegrown says:

    I’m going to check it out tomorrow!

  4. Homegrown, Aunt Paulie’s is outside the Departure Area. Before you say bye bye to the lovely island, it is directly left before entering the Departure Area.

    Aunt Paulie’s also have old Bajan goodies like Sugar Cakes, Guava Cheese, Tamarind Balls, Tamarinds in Syrup, Fudge, Breadfruit Chips, Cassava Chips, Nut Cakes, Fudges, and a lot more.

  5. PlanetBarbados, again I must extend my gratitude for your lovely comment about my book and kind words about my blog. Let us hope that what is left of Old Barbados, it can be restored and put to some use. Enjoy Barbados.

  6. planetbarbados says:

    Of all those foods you mention, I had never heard of any of them except fudge and nut cake before I moved to Barbados. Now I read your comment and I drool … I love all those treats so much!

  7. planetbarbados says:

    You are more than welcome, Keith. You are a man of abundant talent. You are doing your part in the preservation of Old Barbados. I ask myself, What am I doing? I can at least write letters, urging government to preserve the beautiful Old Barbados; without preserving this great heritage, Barbados would look like so many other islands, which are becoming increasingly “Disneyfied.”

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