St Lawrence Gap Street Art: Seth

St Lawrence Gap Street Art: Seth

Many of the vendors on St Lawrence Gap have made street-selling their career.  Some have been selling their goods for a good decade or more.  I occasionally find an original and charmingly rough-hewn bauble I just can’t resist.

Like Seth’s.  Seth is not only a street vendor. He’s also a musician, a political rabble-rouser, and all-around character in St Lawrence Gap (and I suspect everywhere he goes).  I bought his CD, provocatively titled “Murder One,” a five-minute tune.  Okay, not tune, exactly — more of a political commentary with a beat.

The fanciful art of Seth, St Lawrence Gap, Barbados

The fanciful art of Seth, St Lawrence Gap, Barbados

I love Seth’s art.  He bends metal wire into fanciful characters depicting life in Barbados.  One figure is playing a bass, another is wielding a cricket bat.  The one that struck my fancy was a guy lounging in a hammock strung up between two palm trees.  Yes, that was the one I wanted.

While we were chatting about his art, Seth made me a little wire character on the spot.  I tried bending the wire myself and couldn’t even bend it into an “L” shape, while he was curving it and shaping it as though it were made of clay.

While he was deftly looping the wire between his fingers into a face and then a body and then a body animated, I asked Seth the source of his art and commented how satisfying it must be to create.  (Why oh why do I say these things?  I mean, “source of his art”?  “how satisfying?”  I’m so northern Californian I even make myself groan.)  But then, hey, Seth’s an artist, a man with a soul … So yes, I guess I did think I’d get a deeply contemplative — even philosophical — answer.

He looked me in the eye and responded deadpan, “I like to eat.”

I felt like an idiot.

Then again, when you’re hungry, that answer is deep.  Damn deep.

8 Responses to “St Lawrence Gap Street Art: Seth”

  1. Greg says:

    Nice post! Behind your notes there’s a truth worth bringing out. Seth’s a really smart guy. He cut his record in the UK. Btw, most street vendors are nice and really enjoy the island’s guests.

  2. edie says:

    We also got the priviledge to meet Seth and get acouple of C.D.s.
    He made Garry a horse carved out of stone. Quiet soulful man with lots of idea’s for new songs. He left us a lasting impression and we hope to see him again next year.

  3. Hammer says:

    I must agree the wire art is really fascinating… I guess there is nothing drives creativity like hunger.

  4. planetbarbados says:

    The first time Garry and I ran into one another while you were staying at St Lawrence Beach Condos, he talked with me about how much he loves the character of the Gap … its authenticity .. its color. I was really touched and I thought, “This man gets it ….”

    When people come to St Lawrence Gap in Barbados they’re not coming to Disneyland; this is a real place where locals live and work. This is as integral to a great holiday here, imo, as sea and sun. How many places have I been where I never saw a local? Dubai comes to mind …

    Actually, you know what else comes to mind? The Windstar cruise we took and bailed on on our fourth day. One of the reasons that experience was so flat for Greg and me was because the ship itself had no sense of “place” and, hence, no culture that would have made it interesting to us.

    Yep, if you want color, St Lawrence Gap in Barbados is the place! It’s very likely Seth et al will be here on your visit next year … this is their home. Thank you for supporting local arts and crafts, Edie!

  5. planetbarbados says:

    So true, Hammer!

  6. Alex says:

    Great Guy… Bit of a hard story to understand behind all his political stuff and getting beaten up in the supermarket though.

  7. Thanks for this, Alex. I don’t even try to understand Seth’s or any other person’s politics … !

    I was on the Gap early morning a couple of weeks ago giving away to anyone who wanted them some slightly-used clothes and shoes Greg and I aren’t wearing and figured someone else might get some use out of … Now, every time I pass by Seth’s booth, I get a kick out of seeing my pink patent leather heels in his display case, along with his fanciful art creations… You gotta luv a guy who has such a playful sensibility.

  8. Sherell Kry says:

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