When the U.S. Sneezes, Barbados Gets a Cold

When the U.S. Sneezes, Barbados Gets a Cold

When the U.S. sneezes, Barbados gets a cold.

Well, the U.S. is currently down with the flu.  Does that mean Barbados is headed for the ICU?

Right now this minute, if you saw the folks enjoying our pool and beach out back, you’d pronounce the patient healthy.  In fact, this radiant day pulled me out early to take photos.  As I shot pics at 8 and 9 o’clock, the pool and sea waited patiently for guests at St Lawrence Beach Condominiums to wake up and come down to relax or play and around 9:30, right on cue, guests began filling up the loungers.

Right now, against the soft rhythm of the waves, I hear people laughing in the sea as they grapple with their new boogie boards.  Earlier, I snapped this of Karen, a guest visiting from Nova Scotia, enjoying her book as the sea laps at her toes:


How long will this happy scene of happy vacationers greet me in the mornings? These guests booked last year, before anyone knew their mutual funds would be halved.

Even the ‘high-end’ is not immune.  Barbados’ Four Seasons project has stopped; 700 workers have been laid off.

St Lawrence Beach Condos is not high-end, not like a Four Seasons by any means, but we’re arguably the nicest accommodations on the south coast. We’re an intimate property of 17 units; 5 are owner-occupied and the rest I rent out as 2- or 3-bedroom holiday rentals.  Right now we’re at full capacity.  And will be through March.  Some apartments are booked through April, some well into May.

But my June calendar looks bare. July and August are spotty. September, October, and November … ouch.

I haven’t had an inquiry for a rental in days; I haven’t booked a single reservation in a month.

I worry.

When I walk down the Gap, I see this sign on a street vendor’s kiosk. My gosh, how it resonates. It’s time to hang on tight … and keep the faith … until Barbados is in the pink again.

Yep, sure does ...

Yep …

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