New Beachfront St Lawrence Gap Apartment: Guests Welcome

New Beachfront St Lawrence Gap Apartment: Guests Welcome

You saw the progress (here, too) of my putting together Apartment #8 at St Lawrence Beach Condominiums.  This week’s been the final sprint before the first guests arrive:  the air-conditioning was put in, the flat-screen TV got cable hook-up, wireless Internet is working, and all appliances (installed last week) tested.  I officially finished last evening by stocking the place with boring stuff like Reynolds Wrap.  A mother-daughter duo are its first guests.

At its core, this sweet little place is a concrete shoebox-shaped apartment with a drop-dead gorgeous view.  Now that it’s dressed-up I hope guests will experience as a cozy getaway.  Of course, the main attraction is still the sea right outside.  ($200US a night during low season ($300US nightly during high) … taxes and view included!)

Tomorrow I’ll post a few before-and-after shots.

Barbados beach vacation rentals

How difficult do you think it is to find lamp shades in Barbados? I went to four places and finally found these at – get this – Woolworth's. The good news is they were only $5US each.

Barbados beach vacation rentals

This bar is from Dwellings; it stores wine glasses and much else down below. The mirror and photos are from Walkers World. I love seeing the reflection of the sea in the mirror. That mirror, btw, covers up an ill-placed fuse box.

Barbados beach vacation rentals

The patio is dreamy, with a gentle breeze off the sea. It never receives direct sun (it faces southeast), so guests can lounge here any time of day or night. I bought these pretty dishes and silverware from Walkers World.

Barbados beach vacation rentals

I love hearing children playing in the surf. You can swim out really far and still only be waist-deep. The jetty is the perfect place to watch the sun set. Last night, I counted 8 of us admiring the golden-orange-red sunset as it appeared to sink into the sea.

Barbados beach vacation rentals

Bedroom detail. I'm a traveler who judges a place, in part, by the quality of its linens (can't believe I just admitted that), so how could I use anything but the best in my own rental properties?


Okay, now we get to what it's all about. I hope our guests feel the peace of the sea, the warmth, the breeze, and the beauty. Living here brings me serenity; I hope it does our guests, too.

6 Responses to “New Beachfront St Lawrence Gap Apartment: Guests Welcome”

  1. edie says:

    Hi B.F.F.
    So sorry to hear about your friend passing away. It sounds like Lucinda will leave a hole in everyone’s heart that she touched.
    The apartment looks awesome. Great job in colors and furniture. Spring is here, cross our fingers and toes. The tree’s are budding and I swear that when it gets warm a person could sit and watch the leaves come out.
    cheers edie

  2. So glad to hear spring is coming to you in Canada, Edie! Enjoy watching the leaves coming out! xx

  3. I too am sorry to hear about your friend. God speed!

    The place looks lovely. I am sure the investment will pay off. All the best…

  4. Lisa...Lisa says:

    Hi There!

    Can you say “Totally Excited”… a few more weeks, and I am set to enjoy your new place. The pictures are lovely and very inviting! Thanks again for all of your help.

    So sorry to hear about your friend. We have to Live life to it’s fulless, for sure!

  5. rebecca says:

    Great job with the decorating! Looks beautiful – I really like the colors, esp the master bedroom.

  6. Thanks, Lisa! Thanks, Rebecca!

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