Doing Lunch at Mullins Beach Bar & Restaurant

Doing Lunch at Mullins Beach Bar & Restaurant

Mullins Beach Bar & Restaurant, on the west coast of Barbados

Mullins Beach Bar & Restaurant, on the west coast of Barbados

Mullins Bay is a beautiful and peaceful west coast Barbados beach.  Waves are almost nonexistent against the shore of this idyllic crescent-shaped beach.  The calm, clear water and white sand is what the “Platinum Coast” of Barbados is known for and it’s beautiful.  I myself prefer some wave action, just to remind me I’m at the beach instead of a lake. But then I admit to being a bit of a south coast Barbados snob.  Or, more accurately, an inverse snob, since the west coast is actually chichi while the south coast is a wee bit scruffy.  Actually, the difference between the two coastlines is striking: it’s prize-winning show cat versus alley cat (with loads of personality).

For the prices I’m expected to pay, I want good food when I go to restaurants along the west coast.  The Cliff, The Tides, Fish Pot, and others reliably offer great food. One of my favorites is Lone Star (although some complain it’s overrated).  I wrote a review describing the fantastic food and glamour of the place for the Trazzler website.

All of these places are elegant.  I myself can do without posh and glamour if the food’s good, although it’s fun to partake the high-livin’ atmosphere if I’m wearing the right shoes and sunglasses.  But the bottom line for me is g-o-o-d f-o-o-d.  I don’t eat a whole lot;  when I do eat I want my food to be good.

This is a long lead-up to say what I’m here to say but don’t want to say because the service at the place was good, the setting just lovely, and the economy is slack and I don’t want to discourage anyone from anyplace they want to try.  But if I commit myself to writing my real feelings in a blog about Barbados, I need to say what I think. And what I think is that Mullins Beach Bar & Restaurant was disappointing for lunch last week – in fact, before writing this I visited a second time for lunch, just in case my friend and I had been on a strangely “off” day.  Sadly, both visits disappointed.

I ordered a Cesar chicken wrap on both visits.  What I got was a few lettuce leaves and fried (ick, fried) chicken nuggets in a flour tortilla that had been coated with a thick layer of mayo.  The wrap was bland, tasteless, and the copious amount of mayo reminded me of the dreadful white-bread-and-mayo sandwiches my mother sent me to school with in grade-school.

My dining companion ordered a chicken salad sandwich (both visits).  A year ago, she said, the sandwich at Mullins Restaurant was made with all sorts of interesting veggie bits mixed into an interesting sauce and combined with white chicken.  Last week, her sandwich consisted of chicken — and mayo.  What’s the story with the mayo?  Thick, flavorless, and from a jar … blech, the ’50s all over again.

Our two sandwiches and the bottle of Pelligrino that we shared came to $93Bds.  Mullins Bay offered a beautiful backdrop and lovely service … but it wasn’t enough.

6 Responses to “Doing Lunch at Mullins Beach Bar & Restaurant”

  1. greg says:

    I think you’re not the only one who’s been disappointed there….

  2. Z says:

    MBB is just the tip of the iceberg!

  3. St George's Dragon says:

    Mullins was great about 10 years ago but the food there now is mediocre and overpriced.

    BTW, its Fish Pot that is at Little Good Harbour, of course, not Lone Star.

    ..amd Lone Star is another restaurant that is, in my view, over-rated. Give me Tides any day of the week.

  4. You are so right about my error … I’ll go into the original post and fix it. Thank you.

    I agree about The Tides restaurant .. isn’t it wonderful? Special art gallery, too. You mentioned Fish Pot .. one of my personal favorites.

  5. George Diabes says:

    Thanks – good review I will avoid. And it appears that the Fish Pot is a go.

  6. The Fish Pot is absolutely first-rate: food, setting, and service are all outstanding. (Michael Winner adores it, too.)

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