Life in Barbados: From Grumpy Chubbies to Shangri-La

Life in Barbados: From Grumpy Chubbies to Shangri-La

My favorite comment about my post on Saturday regarding Chubbies was from the sweet soul called Alice who said (paraphrased), “your thoughts make me want to visit Barbados even more, even if service isn’t always great.”

Yes, even though I carry on, Alice, I love Barbados.  Love it.  Sitting by Carlisle Bay last night, watching the sun set and the waves softly stroke the sand at our feet, I felt deeply happy to be alive.  In this context, Chubbies and the bad service you sometimes get in Barbados doesn’t seem like such a big deal.  I’m proud to call Barbados my home and grateful that I get to live here.  The beautiful aqua sea and sugar-white beaches are among the most beautiful sights I’ve seen in my world travels.

The incident at Chubbies on Saturday was such a shame, really.  I’ve been really down since my sister’s sudden passing and went to Chubbies innocently looking for a 90-minute diversion.  It was the first time I’d been anywhere except the beach since I returned from Miami Beach.  To see my kind and patient husband treated so poorly pained me.  And it was utterly unnecessary.

As things happen, we got a happy surprise the very next morning.  A package had arrived at Greg’s office while we were away in May … a wedding gift.  Greg picked it up Saturday afternoon and we opened it Sunday morning.

And a wondrous gift it is: an Apple TV.  More than just a gizmo that gives instant access to movies, tv shows, and documentaries galore, Apple TV means I never, ever again have to step foot inside Chubbies video rental, home of scowling service.  As Greg hooked the thing up, I danced around the house like the Munchkins in Wizard of Oz when they found out the witch was dead.

Before Sunday, I’d never heard of Apple TV. Now I can’t live without it.

Apple TV delivers non-bootleg 🙂 movies and tv shows that you can either buy or rent.  Whatever you’re watching fills the entire real estate of the tv screen — no more black at the top and bottom. And such beautiful clarity and perfect sound HDTV offers, wowie.

Because everything we buy or rent exists in the Apple TV hard drive, we don’t have to store dvds.  We don’t have to await a package from amazon.  We don’t have to wander among the wasteland of offerings at our local dvd store.  We don’t have to drive back to Chubbies for anything evah.

Best of all, we can order whatever we want bippity-bam … takes two secs … no frowns, no attitude.  Just great entertainment.  Life in Barbados is great in nearly every respect.  A little bit of technology just made it a even better in our household.

Now that’s service with a smile!


5 Responses to “Life in Barbados: From Grumpy Chubbies to Shangri-La”

  1. Alice says:

    It takes courage to keep going despite what you have endured with the loss of your sister, and only another writer can understand how much it takes to write your thoughts out. To your credit, you did not have a public meltdown at the video store. I’m afraid there is a Subway here in my hometown that none of my family will ever visit again because I totally melted down while trying to explain customer service to a teenager. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, I lived on the water for 20 years, loving every minute of it. I’ve been slow to go back to the water, but recently I have been feeling its pull. Your blog reminds so much of what I enjoyed about living on the water. It always hits the spot, and that is a rare gift for blogger.

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks to the internet I’m sure the owner of the video store knows this story by now & has hopefully spoken to the employee. In a recession, how many customers can you afford to lose. With modern technology places like that are not the only game in town.

  3. What a beautiful note this is, Alice. You really touched me. Thank you. Thank you so very much. xx Have a wonderful day.

  4. Something tells me, Wendy, that the owner of Chubbies either doesn’t care or feels at a loss as to how to deal with such employees. I can’t be the very first customer to bring this to his or her notice. You’re so right, though. Can any business afford to lose any customers? As it was, we tried to spend far more in Chubbies than we ended up spending. And we’ll never spend another dime in there again. There might have been a time we felt we had to, if we wanted a dvd to watch, but as you point out, technology means we don’t have to put up with that garbage.

  5. diamond says:

    Courts in Barbados spends large amounts of money to attract customers but, in my case, failed to stand by the (expensive) product I bought. It was a bed that collapsed underneath me … it broke the second the warranty ran out and Courts wouldn’t help with the repair or refund my money.

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