Yummers! Great Barbados Dining — for Less!

Yummers! Great Barbados Dining — for Less!


Yes, please, I'd love a discount.

The whole world’s on sale these days.  Of course, some offers are worth more than others.  A “meal deal” at a burger barn?  Even if it’s free, no thanks.  But this offer is one I can pull my chair up to.  And it is free!

It’s the Barbados Gourmet Card.  The card entitles diners in Barbados a big 25% discount off meals at fabulous restaurants all over the island through December 15.  Greg and I just received ours in the mail today and already it’s burning a hole in my tummy … I mean pocket ….

The card is backed by Michael Winner, who describes himself as “food critic, film director, and general nuisance.”  Mr. Winner calls Barbados a “culinary paradise.”  He should know; he’s been visiting and eating on the island for 27 years.

Hmmm, where might we dine tonight …  with the card I can choose Caribbean, Indian, Thai, Polynesian, and Italian cuisines along with famous Bajan specialties.  My mouth waters thinking of the possibilities ….  Calabaza, Elbow Room, Josef’s, Waterfront Cafe, Josef’s, The Grille, Whispers on the Bay, Brown Sugar, Scarlet, and many others.

I’ve seen restaurant discount cards that I’d be embarrassed to use.  This one is discreet; when you call to make reservations, just mention you’ll be using the card and then, at the end of the meal, give it to the waiter along with your payment.  Also, the web site for the card is excellent, with reviews of the restaurants (I wrote a little review of Josef’s, which is next door to us) along with recipes of favorite island dishes.

To learn more, visit the Barbados gourmet card site.  Or e-mail information@barbadosgourmetcard.com, or call 44 20 7636 9448 (in the UK) or 246-427-2623 (in Barbados).

Eat up!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Jane,

    Thoroughly enjoyed visiting your Planet Barbados today, you write so well! I’ll subscribe and visit often.. Hope you’re enjoying life~

  2. Lisa, hello! So nice to hear from you. I am lucky to have a number of your gorgeous pieces up; they are from Brooks and as such they offer special joy. Thanks for dropping a note. Take good care, Lisa.

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