Five More Fun Things to Know about Bajans

Five More Fun Things to Know about Bajans

Out of the window of our Caribbean Air flight from Barbados to Jamaica, I snapped the beautiful north coast of Barbados yesterday with my iPhone.

Out of the window of our Caribbean Air flight from Barbados to Jamaica yesterday, I snapped the beautiful coastline of Barbados with my iPhone. This is far north along the east coast, the Atlantic Ocean side of the island.

My generalizations about Bajans in Barbados continue … These are, of course, my perceptions about Bajans, not absolute truth. Wait a minute … they’re my truth. Anyway, perceptions always contain an element of truth.

6. Bajans are peace-lovers. I live in the lively St Lawrence Gap. I hear street noise, sure. But I never hear yelling or witness violence. Never.  

7. Bajans love cricket. Such an elegant sport this is, the way they break for tea and all. Gary Sobers (Sir Gary Sobers) is a national hero. Children start cricket very young and by the time they’re grown they’ve become as fanatical as Americans are about their ridiculous and violent game of football.

8. No one is exempt from the slow service Bajan waiters give. It’s not about you — not about you being white or a tourist or an “ugly” American — or anything else. Enjoy the pace … yeah, I know it’s not easy being Type A in a Type B culture. Once you get used to it, though, you’ll see it’s good for your health.

9. Bajan waiters won’t bring a check until you ask for it. At the end of your meal, don’t sit there fuming about not getting a check; ask for it already. Your waiter is not being neglectful; he/she just doesn’t want to rush you.

10. Bajans hate the rain. This tickles the former San Franciscan in me! Even though rain showers in Barbados come – and then depart – very quickly, even Bajans in the sea (um, where it’s wet) leave the sea to seek cover. Outdoor concerts stop as patrons will scatter for cover. Streets empty as people crowd beneath overhangs… even those who have umbrellas.

11. Bajans are blunt. Greg hadn’t been to see his 94-year-old dad for a while, so we stopped by his dad’s home the other day to say hi. Joyce, his dad’s nurse, beloved by all the family, told Greg he was getting fat. No judgment; she just called it as she saw it.

Okay, that’s 11, not 10, fun things to know about Bajans. Maybe I’m getting generous in my old age. Which is actually a 12th fun thing to know about Bajans: Bajans are generous. To wit, a very recent example: When Greg and I returned home from St Lucia last week, we were delighted to find that, as a gift, our housekeeper had come in and spruced our home up for our arrival. Ahh, thank you, Monica!

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  1. That was fun to read – you picked a bunch of good ones for true! 🙂

    I have to say tho, coming from St. Lucia, I think Bajans are much more ready to get a few raindrops on them – if you can imagine it, it’s much worse in St. Lucia! People believe you’ll catch a cold getting wet in the rain, amongst other things:)

  2. No way! Worse than Bajans? How can they be worse?! What do they do, crawl under the nearest parked car? Ha! You did make me laugh … thanks, Finola!

  3. mpaquet says:

    I loved # 8.I actually told my sister first time I invited her to join me in Barbados to RELAX….They weren’t slow in serving us,just realistically-able!Take the time to smell the coffee before you drink it,Take your time walking down the road,no-one is chasing you,mid-day means anytime between 12 & 5..etcAnd guess what?She met a Bajan & married him,now we have to prod her too!Life is taking the time to enjoy!

  4. That’s a great one, “midday means anytime between 12 and 5” … so true! Related to this is “I’m on my way,” usually spoken by a workman when I call him to find out why he didn’t show up when he said he would. Unfortunately, by the time he gets to me it’s soooo much later that I’m pretty sure he began his trip on another island!

  5. Kyle says:

    There is no time in Barbados, If an event starts at 5pm, they will show up at 6-8pm. If they say i’ll be there in a minute, it means half hour lol.

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