PlanetCaribbean: Ice Cream in St Lucia

PlanetCaribbean: Ice Cream in St Lucia

The Caribbean islands are as different from one another as siblings in a family are. I’m in St Lucia with my husband Greg who’s here on business and I’m loving the jungly landscape, mountainous terrain, and beautiful inlets along the island’s west coast. The people are good-natured and the food is fantastic.

However, as different as St Lucia is, in some respects it’s … just … like … Barbados.

St Lucia

Rodney Bay in St Lucia

(You can feel another “service” story coming, can’t you … ?)

I visited the little store at our hotel this morning to get a snack…

I walk in – so cute it is! – and poke around. Music’s playing, a warm breeze wraps itself around me, and I lose myself in the pretty hand-painted platters and other items.

Oh yes, I remind myself. The snack. I’m here for a snack. I spy a freezer. Ah, yes, I say to myself as I make a beeline for it. I’ve learned that freezers in little stores in the Caribbean contain riches. I’m rewarded well: Dove Bars. I take one. Then I grab two diet Cokes from the cooler. (I prefer to eat, not drink, my calories.)

I am approaching the counter when I realize that I’m all alone in the store. There is no clerk.

I figure the clerk’s on a bathroom run. No problem. I flip through coffee-table books on St Lucia to kill time.

Wait … beneath the beat of the music, am I hearing what I think I’m hearing? The unmistakable sound of … a snore? The clerk’s not on a bathroom break. He’s on a nap. I find him behind and beneath the front counter.

I lean over the counter and gently, so as not to startle, and say, “Excuse me, sir …” No movement. I say it again, more audibly.

But the guy’s really out. Evidently he really needs his sleep.

Hmm, I see a receipt pad. I slide it out from beneath his heavy arm. I rummage through my purse for a pen. In large letters I write on the pad, PLEASE CHARGE ONE DOVE BAR & TWO DIET COKES TO ROOM 323. GREG HOYOS. THANK YOU, and I leave.

I wander the sunny gardens of our hotel and enjoy my Dove Bar immensely.

I’m in our room when Greg returns from his meetings many hours later. I notice he’s eating something … He’s halfway through … a … Dove Bar.

“Hey,” I ask, “where’d you get that?”

“From the little store,” he says. “Funniest thing, though.”

My ears perk up. “Oh?”

“Yeah,” he says. “I went to pay and said to the guy, ‘Just bill this to my room, 323.’ “And the guy looks and me, then says, ‘No worries, mon, it’s on the house.’

“How’s that,” says Greg, “for a super-nice St Lucian?”


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  1. Hey! You snuck off to my home island! 😀
    Glad you enjoyed it – and yes, I agree, in so many ways the islands are similar:)
    Though when I was growing up in St. Lucia, you still had to take a boat or swim across to Pigeon Island…many things have changed!

  2. I completely fell in love with St Lucia .. and it’s only a 35-minute flight from Barbados. Greg and I have plans to go stay for a 3-day weekend at Marigot Bay … I loved how peaceful it was, how beautiful the yachts and the jungle … ! However, you know the one thing that makes a place is its people … and I loved the St Lucians I met.

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