Fast Food With a View in Barbados

Fast Food With a View in Barbados

Greg and I were driving along the south coast of Barbados this afternoon when I suddenly blurted out, “Honey, pull over!”

I leaped out of the car and snapped a few photos.

Look at this; who wouldn’t want to dine in this setting?

A beautiful seaside setting ... especially for a fast food joint.

Dine al fresco!

However, don’t expect five-star service or fresh, light Caribbean fare … or even silverware … because this is the setting of the largest Kentucky Fried Chicken fast-food store in Barbados.

Could there be a prettier setting for a KFC?

Does any fast food joint anywhere enjoy a more idyllic setting??

Barbados' boardwalk along the KFC.

Barbados' boardwalk along the KFC.

I don’t know about the chow, but that view is finger-lickin’ good.

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  1. Rod says:

    I had to laugh Jane,”the view is finger-licking good”.Speaking of food and those islands,I remember a trip to Martinique about ten
    years ago.We stayed in a club med resort where the menu was limited,as some of us were craving “franchise food”. When we finally boarded the plane to come home,the flight attendant handed
    us a wrapped cheeseburger with milk.After a week of bananas and citrus drinks,it tasted like home.I’m really not a fan big fan of KFC,
    but it is still nice to know you can get a three piece chicken with
    mashed and cold slaw in that incredible setting.

  2. Kyle says:

    Jane, i think you need to do an article on the diversity of cuisine found in “these” islands, so people can see where we are compared to bananas, citrus drinks, shaks made from coconut leaves and grass skirts. thanks in advance

  3. Very Beautiful Scenery .Jane buy some KFC chicken for me.

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