A Spiritual Awakening in Barbados

A Spiritual Awakening in Barbados

Every once in awhile we are graced with a precious few moments in which our every earthly desire and emotional need are fed. Falling in love offers such moments. So do spiritual insights, according to the information given on https://www.peninsuladailynews.com/national-marketplace/free-psychic-reading-online-4-best-psychic-sites-that-will-help-you-face-your-challenges-in-2021/. Such moments can’t be planned because they are given when we’re not looking. They never come when we expect or want them to.

Such a moment was mine last Wednesday night.

The evening started unexceptionally; Greg suggested we have dinner at Tapas. We’ve been to this new eatery along Barbados’ boardwalk half a dozen times since it opened in mid-August. It’s always terrific and the stunning setting on the new Barbados boardwalk is sublime. We went early to avoid the crowds and watch the sunset.  When we arrived, I snapped this photo with my iPhone:

Tapas Restaurant on the south coast of Barbados

Tapas Restaurant on the south coast of Barbados

We sat at one of the tables you see above. We waved at people we knew passing by along the boardwalk; I cooed over adorable children and affectionate lovers.  Wrapped cozily in the warm Barbados evening, laughing with the man I love, I enjoyed the yummy food and watched the setting sun color the sky orange and pink.

Just as the sun slipped behind the horizon and tiki torches were being lit, I was seized suddenly with a deep appreciation of life — of my life, even with the curve balls that have come my way this year, the grief I’ve endured with three girlfriends dying the past five months – one of them my precious younger sister Brooks’s inexplicable death on May 14th.

After Brooks died, my spiritual friend Shanti from Santa Fe told me that one day when I least expected it, after what would seem like endless grieving, I’d feel joy again and that it would come from a deeper place than I’d ever known it before.  At the time I didn’t believe her … All I could do was plea to her to answer the unanswerable, “How long must grief last?”

Last Wednesday night, for the first time in months, I felt life differently. And since then I’ve experienced life differently.

Going to a restaurant is rarely a spiritual experience – and while Tapas is good it’s hardly a temple of healing. But this place, which happened to be Tapas; and this moment in time, which happened to be last Wednesday night; and in this corner of the world, which happens to be this paradise that is my home of Barbados, I knew a deeper realization of my existence. I was filled with new faith and new hope and deeper joy.

This brings me to write about the comments you’ve written me recently.  More on this tomorrow …..

P.S. I’ll write a proper review about Tapas in a couple of days.

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  1. Greg says:

    This is lyrical writing. Beautiful! James Joyce, eat your Irish heart out…….

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  3. Kyle says:

    I agree with Greg. I can still see this blog turning into a magazine, and since it is also about travel and barbados, i can also see it in the lobby of every hotel in the island. Jane you should really consider it, as you also have a keen eye for photography. The pictures you post are so good and capture the essence of our little island, and make me appreciate the beauty i take for granted daily, as if as a local i was blinded and the beauty was reserved for only tourist.

  4. rainy says:

    Dear Jane:

    I am happy that you have found some peace again. Life is good and you have to take the good with the bad. I believe that life is about moments. Moments are what make life worth living for me. A good cup of coffee in the morning with my husband unrushed. A great sunset. Dancing under the stars by a bonfire. Losing one friend in a year is bad, but three and your sister, that must have been very painful for you. But I believe your friends would want you to live and appreciate life again because our friends want what is best for us. Your friends are now your guardian angels looking down on you from the heavens and protecting you and Greg. I am glad you are back to writing again.

  5. rainy says:

    I forgot, I agree with Greg and Kyle. You should start a magazine about Barbados. How many people visit your blog? Do you have a mailing list? People would love to receive this in the mail especially for us northern folks in the cold winter months.

  6. Thank you, Kyle. What lovely words.

    You’re so right about our being blind to the beauty we see every day. I’ve written before about Greg holding in awe the magnificent Rocky Mountains I grew up with. I never developed an appreciation for the mountains. Seeing them through Greg’s eyes is a pleasure … just as when I’m poking my camera at every bit of beauty that surrounds me here in Barbados, Greg stands there scratching his head, wondering what it is I see.

  7. Denise friend to shepherds pie man! says:

    Jane, I have to agree with you. After losing several close family over the last five years the sudden and tragic loss of our huge, larger than life 28 year old son in 2007, Barbados has helped heal, not totally but its just heaven on earth. You can hear along with the sea and sounds of Barbados the sigh’s of contentment from all of us when we are there. To balance all of this we have had 2 grandchildren born whilst we were over there. Ah such memories and we are all coming over to celebrate both of our 25th wedding anniversaries and will deffinately be eating at tapas several times. Spiritual beautifull Barbados.

  8. What a beautiful message, Denise. The loss of a child … I can’t imagine a pain that would be greater. I’m really, really sorry, Denise. As you say, the sighs of contentment when you’re here …. this is a healing place; in that viewpoint you and I are kindred spirits.

    Happy 25th! Quite a milestone! Yes, Tapas … and Waterfront Cafe, too, if you have a chance.

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