Santa Visits Barbados!

Santa Visits Barbados!

Today begins as any normal Saturday morning begins for Greg and me: we get up early and head up to the Brighton Farmers Market.

Once we arrive at the market, like we always do, we start our shopping with a cuppa joe.  Plenty of milk in mine, please…


Then we buy some fresh eggs … Oh, yes, we’ll take tomatoes, too …


Our purchase is rung up by young women who are today, just a week before Christmas, especially festive .. Honey, aren’t they cute?


She takes our money. She gives us back a beaming smile … Thank you, Georgie. Happy holidays to you, too!


All of a sudden, we hear a gasp.  We turn and look.  It’s Allison, the woman who runs the Farmers Market.

What’s wrong, Allison? What do you see?


I look in the direction Allison’s looking. I look once, then twice.

I rub my eyes. The third time I focus hard …. What do I see but a fat man in a red suit and white beard …

Is it?? Could it be????  And what’s that he’s got slung over his shoulder??


Yes, it’s him, it’s him!!

He rings a bell announcing his arrival fresh from the North Pole.

Santa’s come to Barbados!


Instinctively, the delighted children know what to do: they queue.

Santa greets each child with a hug and a warm Santa smile.

Then he reaches into his big white sack.  Hmmmmm, Who’s been naughty and who’s been nice?

The children await verdict in anticipation.


This little girl’s been good — and she receives a gift from Santa.

In fact, all of the children of Barbados have been very, very good this year.  Every child receives a gaily wrapped present!


(Some have dressed extra specially for the occasion ….)


After receiving a gift and a hug from Santa, the children run to Santa’s special Caribbean sleigh.


Hearts filled with the wonders of Christmas, the children pile into the back of the sleigh and wait for Santa to come fly them across the sky.


Will someone please warm up the sleigh’s engine? Ahh, yes, here’s a special helper, a local hot-shot race car driver.


Until mom comes along and spoils the vroom-vroom image (awwwww, mommmmmmmm!)


Santa loves visiting the good children of Barbados. Barbados is one of Santa’s very favorite places to visit children, in fact. (Indeed, Santa wishes he could stay the winter in Barbados.)

But go he must, for Santa has many stops to make.

Bye, Santa!!!

Thanks for the presents!

We promise to be good again this year ……….

And so, with a jolly ho ho ho, Santa takes flight. As he flies off into the warm morning sky, Santa drops his hat.

The hat is a reminder that, yes, Santa really and truly visited the children of Barbados.


4 Responses to “Santa Visits Barbados!”

  1. Rachel says:

    This is a joyful post! Thank you for brightening my snowy day in New York!

  2. stephen says:

    Yes, it was fun, wasn’t it? The easter bunny visits as well (at easter, not now!); the children love that as well.

  3. Sharon says:

    That was a wonderful occasion – lovely that Santa had a gift for everyone even though the place was packed.

  4. Rainy says:

    That was a great post Jane. Loved it. Very cold here in Michigan.

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