Prince Harry in Barbados: As Charming as His Mum

Prince Harry in Barbados: As Charming as His Mum

Prince Harry has previously visited Barbados for fun in the sun; right now, though, he’s here to raise funds for Haiti and Lesotho. If the Prince’s charm and  naturally friendly nature translate into the raising of funds – and they will – this will have been a worthwhile visit for both countries.

Having been in chilly London myself all week, I can imagine the 25-year-old Prince is delighted to be out of the chilly grey clime of England and under Barbados’ brilliant blue sunny skies.

Prince Harry in Barbados at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Prince Harry in Barbados at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (photo from; click the photo for more pix of Harry in Barbados)

Not that the young Prince has a moment of relaxation on our sun-kissed island; this is a working trip — but without stuffy pomp and ceremony of the royalty of old. Harry takes after his mum in this regard.

Yesterday, Harry got into the music at a fund-raiser for Haiti at Farley Hill (the beautiful national park in Barbados and site of Barbados’ Jazz Festival). At one point he climbed on stage and told the audience he’d dance to the calypso beat if they’d donate $5,000Bds in 25 minutes (some terrific photos here).


The sweet-natured Prince was guest of honor at a garden party for Barbados orphaned and vulnerable children at the Garrison and enjoyed local performers.

Hardly out of one outfit and into another, Harry attended another fund-raising dinner at the stunning Platinum Coast mansion Cove Spring hosted by the home’s owner Ajmal Khan to raise funds for Haiti. (I don’t travel in these circles so you’ll have to look elsewhere for name-dropping or descriptions of just how grand this amazing west coast home truly is.)

Today his fund-raising attention will include a game of polo.  Harry will take to the pitch at the exclusive Apes Hill Polo Club to raise money for his charity Sentebale, to help the vulnerable children of the African country of Lesotho,  a country completely surrounded by South Africa and part of the British Commonwealth.  The prince’s team will include Mark Tomlinson, one of Britain’s leading polo players, and play against a side from South Africa in the inaugural Sentebale Polo Cup.

Perhaps his next visit will include a bit of relaxation – but from what I am seeing, Harry is thoroughly enjoying giving of himself to the relevant and worthwhile causes afflicting our global neighbors today.

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  1. Greg says:

    This is actually Harry’s third or fourth visit to Barbados, and he seems to love it here! Good on him!

  2. stephen says:

    He’s a good guy; his mother was wonderful and still long missed. He apears to have taken up her caring attitude. HRH Prince Seeiso, on tour with HRH Prince Harry also gave up his time graciously and spent a lot of time talking with children and asnwering their questions; what’s it like to be a prince; what’s your palace like?

  3. Oh, what adorable questions! Those are probably questions adults have, too … leave it to a child to actually ask what’s on his or her mind.

    I hear over $1 million was raised on Sunday.

  4. Alisha Cox says:

    Fund Raising is always needed to support existing and future projects.`:”

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