Waterfront Cafe: Fabulous Food & Jammin’ Jazz

Waterfront Cafe: Fabulous Food & Jammin’ Jazz

Colorful boats bob in the water next to our table along the harbor at the casual and friendly Waterfront Cafe in Bridgetown, Barbados, as I order (yet again) the gazpacho to start my meal.

Waterfront Cafe Bridgetown Barbados

Waterfront Cafe in Bridgetown, Barbados, draws both tourists and locals.

Every time I dine at Barbados’ Waterfront Cafe – they serve both lunch and dinner – I have a fabulous meal and a fabulous time. It’s so often the “perfect place” to go. In the past week alone I’ve been three times, each time because it fit the bill:

… it was the perfect place to take visiting friends late one night to listen to jazz;

… it was the perfect place for Greg and me to meet two other couples for lunch last Saturday;

… it was the perfect place to go with my friend Sharon after some serious shopping at the funky outlet store (you might prefer the duty-free shops, of which there are many in Bridgetown).

Waterfront Cafe careenage Bridgetown Barbados

Colorful boats line the harbor in front of Waterfront Cafe

It’s also lots of fun to be there at noon and 4 in the afternoon when the catch comes in.

Waterfront Cafe has that casual/friendly vibe and so often those places offer good and basic fare. Waterfront is different; it’s casual and yet the food is a cut above — and often exquisite.

I’ve had most things on the menu but I usually start with the gazpacho (it’s cool, tomato-y, and spicy with a lovely balance of garlic and onion and it’s not too smooth and not too lumpy) and I’m especially fond of the salmon as a main course — not that bland farm-raised salmon, but plump and tasty salmon from the wild, covered in Cajun spices and served atop a bed of perfectly seasoned lightly-cooked spinach.

The pepper pot here is also amazingly spiced; it’s my favorite pepper pot on the island.

Of course, you can’t not have flying fish if you’re in Barbados – and Waterfront does this Barbadian specialty well: the fish is boned, washed in lime juice, rolled in spices, and lightly fried.

Barbados' Parliament building, Bridgetown

Across the harbor from Waterfront Cafe you see Barbados' flag flying proud on top of the 350-year-old Parliament building.

At night, Waterfront is even more alive, with different types of live jazz playing on different nights. Like to dance? Here’s your chance! The atmosphere is tons of fun, with waitresses swinging through the crowds serving up food as Waterfront Cafe owner Sue Walcott stops at tables to welcome her guests.

Waterfront Cafe at night, Bridgetown, Barbados

Waterfront Cafe is alive at night with jazz and dancing and people having a great time.

Waterfront Cafe, Barbados

Live jazz is playing most nights.

Waterfront Cafe, Bridgetown, Barbados

At the careenage (the boat harbor)

For reservations, call 246-427-0093

14 Responses to “Waterfront Cafe: Fabulous Food & Jammin’ Jazz”

  1. Greg says:

    Yes, it’s become an institution, and Sue is a wondeful hostess. You see everybody there!

  2. Denise,Frank,Shaun & Max says:

    Hey having read a few of your writeups on our adopted carribean island, we are please to see you eat and drink at most of the same places we do.! This is one of our favourites we particularly enjoy the seafood tapas for 2 is especially yummy with the carribean shrimp curry to die for the boys being the carnivores with steaks and the freshest fish we have ever eaten, and of course you cant help but share the carrot cake dessert, so huge you would have to share. Washed down by several bottles of the delightful Chablis pre ordered to the delightful team and owner, even if special guests are dinning.?? We have been regulars to the island since 1989 put it on your list and enjoy. If you are lucky you may even get to see the odd turtle slightly lost whilst listening and dancing to the fabulous music. See you all in October xxxx

  3. Kerry says:

    Your photos are SO lovely, Jane! I really admire them. Thanks for reminding me of such a pleasant Barbados experience – I’ve added it to the must-do list for when my sister and her boyfriend visit next week!

  4. Kerry says:

    By the way, do you happen to know if the jazz music is every night or only certain ones?

  5. RumShopRyan says:

    wow, looks like a great place. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Canadian Sue says:

    There’s an outlet store in Barbados??? ~smiles~ Do tell!

    Have always enjoyed my visits to the Waterfront Cafe. I agree with Kerry – great pictures.

  7. Kerry, I think it’s nightly and there’s different types of jazz on different nights. Call to find out details: (246) 427-0093

  8. Thank you, Kerry! My photo class has really paid off 🙂 I appreciate your kind words. Enjoy Waterfront! xx

  9. I read your comment several days ago and since then all I’ve thought about is shrimp curry and carrot cake (that I would probably not be magnanimous enough to share!).

    Such lovely writing … the image of the wayward turtle while dancing at Waterfront warmed my heart. I haven’t yet seen this but such a sight is so Barbados!

  10. John Stevenson says:

    Hey Jane, Just read this after doing a random Google for the Waterfront Cafe. Cool! When I lived in Barbados back in the 1990s, it was one of my favourite places for my missus and I to hang out, meet friends and listen to great jazz. You never know who you might run into in there. I bumped into (almost literally) Branford Marsalis and his new bride who came to listen to some jazz back in 1999.
    Your photography rocks, by the way… and give my regards to Sue when you see her next.

    Ciao, John Stevenson in London

  11. Will do, John Stevenson in London! Better idea, of course, is for you to come to Barbados and say hi to Sue yourself!

    Thanks for writing. I really think Waterfront Cafe is the best-kept secret in Barbados in terms of truly gourmet food.

  12. sue walcott says:

    hi Jane, just doing a google and came accros your wonderful write up on the
    Waterfront Cafe. I dont know how to thank you for such kind words and great
    photos of our place.
    We love what we do and it warms my heart to know that it is so appreciated by so many.
    Thank you and come visit soon.

  13. Sue, thanks for writing! How lovely to hear from the owner of Waterfront Cafe 🙂 You may get a chuckle out of another post in which I describe a funny occurrence at your very special Waterfront Cafe involving my magnanimous (?!?) husband Greg.


  14. Arica Korus says:

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