Five Reasons You Should be in Barbados Now

Five Reasons You Should be in Barbados Now

On Saturday I awaited the arrival of three gentlemen from England who rented an apartment from me in our building (St Lawrence Beach Condos). Like everyone who stays in one of our pretty holiday rentals, when the three guys arrived they dropped their luggage and rushed to the picture window and swooned over the brilliant turquoise sea outside their apartment.

And all of a sudden life was reduced to the big decision of whether to take a swim in the sea first or go shopping for provisions at the market first.

Then they spied the bottle of Mount Gay Extra Old I’d left them as a welcome gift and the whole market-run option was, for the time being, off the table.

I delighted at their delight of simply getting to be in Barbados and left them to get up to whatever mischief they’ve undoubtedly since gotten up to.

I can’t speak for everyone, certainly not for three lads with energy to burn and a bottle of rum, but here’s what I’ve been up to this weekend … darned good reasons to be in Barbados now:

1. Thoroughbred horse racing.  The animals are stunning and the races are exciting. Because I don’t care who wins, I like to watch the horses when they’re not performing as much as when they are. Yesterday morning, I ran into a few stars taking a well-deserved sea bath:

Carlisle Bay Barbados race horses

After showing admirably in Saturday's races, a few horses got to relax in Carlisle Bay.

Barbados horses the day after a race

It was like a spa day for the horses; their groomers gave them a good salt-water rubdown.

Barbados race horses

Their sea bath over, the gorgeous Barbados thoroughbreds are led back to their stables.

2. The Mount Gay Regatta. In its 25th year, the Mount Gay Regatta continues to excite sailors and onlookers alike.  Sitting on a south coast beach with a rum punch in hand (quiz:  Made with which brand of rum???) and watching the boats go by offers a day to savor.

The best vantage points for when you visit next year?

– The Barbados Yacht Club at Carlisle Bay where the boats launch; Accra Beach and the South Coast Boardwalk; Sandy Beach just outside St Lawrence Gap; St Lawrence Beach, where I live (I took this photo from our jetty on the beach); Dover Beach in St Lawrence Gap. On the day they sail down to Oistins, you can watch the excitement from Maxwell and Enterprise (aka Miami) beaches as well.

Mount Gay Regatta Barbados 2010

Barbados' Mount Gay Regatta, 2010

3. Wandering the St Lawrence Gap to find great food, always one of my favorite activities. I love to eat and I adore Caribbean spicing of food in Barbados. The other day I stopped by Happy Days, a new outdoor eatery in the Gap, and had a wonderful lunch of melted cheese and pineapple on French baguette.  Really inexpensive and deeeelish .. and only a 3-minute walk down St Lawrence Gap.  (They serve breakfast, too.)

Happy Days Barbados restaurant

Serving up great chow at Happy Days, a casual & friendly eatery beneath the shade of umbrellas, in the cute Chattel Village shops in St Lawrence Gap.

4. Exploring beaches. Greg and I drove up to Bottom Bay this morning, just to admire it (and for a vigorous walk followed by a swim in the sea). How I wish I could have taken you – and all Barbados lovers – with me!

Bottom Bay Barbados

Meandering a warm beach; this one is Bottom Bay, one of the prettiest spots on Planet Earth 🙂

5. Living life, loving life, seeing life.  How often do we not see something we look at every day?? When Greg and I returned home from our Bottom Bay sea swim and walk, I happened to notice a view I had looked at a thousand times but never seen.  I’m so oriented toward the Caribbean Sea outside the back windows of our home that I’ve never really looked at what’s out our front window.

What did I see? The pretty and historic St Lawrence Church, the gentle Little Bay, and beautiful Sandy Beach.

Duh. Really, Jane, you need to open your eyes, girl. Beauty is everywhere … and life is so short. So please look.

Little Bay, Barbados south coast

St Lawrence Church, Little Bay, and Sandy Beach as seen from St Lawrence Beach Condominiums.

10 Responses to “Five Reasons You Should be in Barbados Now”

  1. Greg says:

    A beautiful post!

  2. Canadian Sue says:

    Another great post Jane. Was back in Barbados for a couple minutes reading that. 🙂 Keep up the great writing.
    I do have a question… is that really Bottom Bay in the picture? I recall Bottom Bay being surrounded by cliffs.
    Thanks again for keeping Barbados alive for me…almost as good as being there.

  3. Stephen says:

    You missed the Barbados International Masters Football Festival held over Whitsun weekend every year. Teams from the UK, Canada, the US and many across the Caribbean attend, playing against local sides. Great fun. Great banks beer!

  4. Lynn says:

    The turquoise caribbean sea, the weather, after thinking of those all other reasons pale. But thanks for giving us a few more reasons anyway! Love your blogs!

  5. Christa says:

    can’t wait to come back!!

  6. Rainy says:

    Makes me miss Barbados even more than I already do. I can’t wait to come back. The most beautiful place on earth if you ask me.

  7. michele says:

    We have to meet when next I am on my fav island!Been back at least 30x in the past 25 yrs & I never tire of time spent on Paradise!And,like you,find there is always something wonderful to discover!

  8. Keith says:

    Hi Jane,
    My new wife and I just returned from our honeymoon and as 1st timers, I can tell you we were quite impressed with all Barbados had to offer. Your property was stunning and the views were amazing. I laughed when I read about your view of the church, as one of the best photos I took, out of probably a thousand. It was shot through the 2nd bedroom window as the sun was setting behind the church bell. It seemed an afterthought at the time, but will find space in a frame soon enough. Also, the people of Barbados are a truly amazing bunch. So nice, so accomodating. In fact, the gentleman who came to retrieve our rental car ended up making a return trip to hand me the camera I had left behind in the car. He will be my savior for many years to come!

    Thanks for a fabulous destination, hopefully we will make it back soon!

  9. Keith, hello. Thank you for such a warm and lovely message. I’m glad you had a honeymoon filled with beauty and kindness — the best possible things to begin your new life together.

    Would you send me the photo you mention here? I’d love to see it. I wouldn’t use it without your express permission, of course.

    Thanks! Many congrats to you and your bride.

    xox Jane

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    post at here.

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