In Barbados, Turtles Nest & Rum Flows … Life As Usual

In Barbados, Turtles Nest & Rum Flows … Life As Usual

While my husband Greg and I were traveling in beautiful Canada (more about this down below) these past few weeks, life excitingly carried on in Barbados.

While we were away, the Fireball competition heated up. My friend Hazel took this photo; ahh, what could beat this: warm water, beautiful sunny days, friendly competition, copious rum drinks afterward … does this look like fun or what?? Fifteen countries,  70 contestants. Next year the competition is in …. Ireland?? Lovely, lovely country but, really, won’t it be awfully chilly?? Naaa, these hardy Fireballers don’t care … it’s just the sissy I’ve become that asks such a question.

Fireball Barbados 2010

Exciting Fireball competition in Barbados. Photo by Hazel Oxenford.

Also while we were bundled up in the great nation of Canada, the big yachts (Abramovic’s, Paul Allen’s, many others) left Barbados waters for cooler climes. Normally thick with wintering yachts, here’s Carlisle Bay a few days ago:

Carlisle Bay Barbados

Empty of yachts: Carlisle Bay, Barbados (Photo copyright Jane Shattuck)

Other Barbados excitement this past month:

High season rates for accommodations ended April 15, meaning it’s a fabulous time to visit Barbados. Same great seafront condos at a 33% discount off high-season rates. Yes, the days are warmer by a few degrees – but that just makes the rum go down easier and the turquoise sea all the more refreshing.

England won the Twenty/20 cricket match. On Sunday, Greg was glued to the TV watching the match between England and Australia going on at Barbados’ fabulous Kensington Oval. He invited me to watch, too. He promised that this particular cricket match would be as exciting as an American baseball game.  I’m a Yank; I’ve seen baseball.  I’ve also watched paint dry.  So anyway, he watched solo and was pumped the whole night, as was the entire island of Barbados. Such an elegant game .. I wish I could stay awake long enough to learn cricket rules; the only thing I know is that it’s a civilized game: they break for tea.

– Prime property in Barbados is selling really well. On May 18th The Nation News reported that those who can afford to are once again hungrily snapping up paradise properties in Barbados — partly because they worry about the instability of cash and partly because purchase prices are fairly reasonable following the recent worldwide recession. The paper reported that rental yields and capital growth are both strong. Hm, even during the recession Greg and I found that our rental property in Barbados was proving a good investment; I can count on one hand the number of days I failed to rent the property over the past year.

Barbados Home Exchange

The apartment in which we stayed in Quebec City belonged to a couple simultaneously staying in our place in Barbados. We found each other on  We exchanged cars and suggestions for favorite restaurants and fun things to do.

I love exchanging homes.  Besides saving money on accommodations, I love it because I feel we get to truly inhabit a new place — we get to sort of live there and experience the difference of that place. Instead of brilliant turquoise blue, we experienced softer, redder hues of Canada. Instead of English, we spoke (not well, mind you) French.  Instead of warm, we bundled up and experienced cool.  In lieu of highly spiced flying fish we dined on soupe à l’oignon francais.

We awoke each morning to this view of beautiful Quebec City:

Quebec City

We reached Quebec City by ferry (so much fun!). This was the view from the beautiful apartment in which we stayed in Lévis.

At the same time, the couple staying in our place in Barbados sent me this photo of their view from our place and wrote that this is where they enjoyed their morning coffee and many casual suppers, watching the setting sun.

Barbados' south coast from the St Lawrence Beach Condos

The view of the Caribbean Sea from the sun room of our home in Barbados.

One morning, the lovely French Canadian woman staying in our place excitedly e-mailed me saying she was watching a giant sea turtle come up onto our beach.  “It is so beautiful, so elegant,” she wrote, “What do you think it’s looking for?” I wrote back that this was probably a female turtle who was house-hunting – that is, looking for a spot to lay her eggs.

She didn’t capture a photo of the turtle, but the very same day another guest staying in the St Lawrence Beach Condos sent me the photo below of a friend he made during his visit from his home in Amish country in Pennsylvania.

Which goes to show that the excitement in Barbados never ends.

A Barbados crab on a coral rock at the end of our private jetty.

Making a new friend: a crab on a coral rock at the end of our jetty (photo of jetty below). (Photo copyright G Diabes)

St Lawrence Beach Condos in Barbados.

Our private jetty at St Lawrence Beach Condos, Barbados. (Photo copyright G Diabes.)

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  1. Stephen says:

    Sounds a good swap for a vacation/holiday. PS Did Greg take that snap of you on your new masthead?

  2. Rainy says:

    My grandfather played cricket as a teenager in Antigua. He loved the game and loved watching it on TV when he could find it.

  3. Stephen, ha!!, right. That’s me. In my dreams.

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