Barbados Beach Vacation Rentals

Barbados Beach Vacation Rentals

I received a query the other day about a Barbados beach vacation rental I represent here at St Lawrence Beach Condos. It was from a woman looking for a relaxing getaway for her family of five, particularly her son who will be on break from medical school. Alas, I had nothing to offer as our building has no three-bedroom apartments available during the time of their stay.

The woman asked what I might recommend in the way of condominiums on the south coast. Below is a list of Barbados beach vacation rentals (condos) on the south coast. I don’t represent the following properties, but I’ve seen units in all of these buildings and they each offer visitors the sort of accommodation they’re looking for: a Barbados beach vacation rental meeting a standard of luxury or near-luxury as well as fabulous views of Barbados’ turquoise Caribbean Sea.

Ocean One

Ocean One.  Twenty-one condos on Maxwell Beach (like our building, some are residences). Spacious and quite luxurious, with Italian kitchens and gorgeous sea views.  Two- and 3-bedroom options.  Go here for rental information on these Barbados beach vacation rentals.

Barbados beach rental

Ocean One, on Maxwell Beach, south coast of Barbados. Click on photo to go to Altman Real Estate for sales info on this property.

Ocean Two

The 72-luxury-unit Ocean Two is in the process of being built in St Lawrence Gap. They are currently in the process of being sold; rentals will come later. You can see from the photo that the views will be gorgeous.

OceanTwo condo in Barbados

Construction of Ocean Two; this is from the blog tracking progress (please click on photo to go to the blog).

White Sands

White Sands in St Lawrence Gap offers 22 one-, two-, and three-bedroom condos. I love the way this property in the St Lawrence Gap is set off a bit from the main drag. Some of the apartments offer sea views that are a bit tangential. Go here for sales info and click on the photo below for rental info.

Barbados beach vacation rentals: White Sands

The pretty White Sands is in St Lawrence Gap. Click on photo to go to rental info.

Sapphire Beach Condominiums

Sapphire Beach in St Lawrence Gap. This formidably large building is far too large for the plot of land it sits upon, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this 54-unit building offers stunning Caribbean Sea views from its location on Dover Beach. You can learn about rentals here … actually, go here and select the various “Sapphire Beach” choices from the drop-down menu labeled “Name.” For sales info, visit the TerraCaribbean site.

Barbados beach vacation rental: Sapphire Beach

Sapphire Beach on Dover Beach in St Lawrence Gap in Barbados: 54 condos for sale and rent. Click on photo to visit the TerraCaribbean sales/rental site.

Palm Beach

The Condominiums at Palm Beach (not to be confused with condos with the same name in Holetown on the west coast): Four acres of beachfront property in Hastings, Christ Church, and 59 two- and three-bedroom condos (sales info here).  I’m having trouble finding rental info about the condos at Palm Beach. For unit #111 I discovered that FirstChoice Realty in Barbados represents the property, but beyond this I found little. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with info on renting these condos.

Barbados beach vacation rental: Palm Beach in Christ Church

Palm Beach on the south coast of Barbados; click on image to learn more about sales of condos in this four-acre seafront development.

Mistle Cove

Mistle Cove isn’t a new property but it’s in the heart of the Gap and offers the stalwart Barbados beach vacation rentals in this list. As with all condos that have different owners, some units are far nicer than others. You can find units for rent by checking HomeAway and VRBO and typing in “Mistle Cove Barbados.”

Barbados beach vacation rental: Mistle Cove

For info on sales of condos at Mistle Cove, click this photo.

This should get you started on your hunt.  I included sales info on these because I have a fondness (maybe even a fetish) for Barbados beach vacation rental condos and love knowing info related to sales as well as rental.

St Lawrence Beach Condos

Of course, don’t forget about us! We are the St Lawrence Beach Condos … a colorful little 17-unit building in the heart of St Lawrence Gap. Every one of our condos boasts full-on Caribbean Sea views. As in all of the buildings noted above, our 2- and 3-bedroom apartments (plus two unique one-bedroom suites) offer different furnishings in each unit, so do your research to see which you like!  Whichever you choose, we offer outstanding value and thank you for inquiring.

Barbados beach vacation rentals: St Lawrence Beach Condos

Can't argue with the view from St Lawrence Beach Condos!

Barbados beach vacation rentals: St Lawrence Beach Condos jr penthouse

A bit of the gorgeous wrap-around patio and view of the jr penthouse in our building.

Barbados beach vacation rentals: on the beach

We go on holiday in large part to reconnect with the people we love most. Wherever you stay, enjoy your holiday in Barbados!

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  1. michele says:

    Thanks for all that info-could be very useful in my endeavors to make Barbados the most favorite island of the Caribbean!

  2. Stephen says:

    It’s sad that we have so many apartment buildings being constructed. The windows to the sea are disapearing at an alarming rate. I know some are being built where hotels/convention centres stood, but it’s ruining our line of sight. Planning permisison has got out of hand. I know that visitors want to be by the sea (literally) but controls have been lost. However, most of those you list look nice and up the standards, but locals won’t be buying too many of them. Not just the cost but the high rate of rust and deterioration of the property being so close to the sea!

  3. Reznik Group says:

    So amazing photos! Thanks for sharing it. This waterfront condos are really luxury and help to relax and have fun everybody all over the world!

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  6. We stayed at the Park Hyatt and it was fabulous. Perfect base for all the fun for the whole family. I definitely recommend it!

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