Barbados Wins Segway Polo Championship 2010

Barbados Wins Segway Polo Championship 2010

R2D2 has escaped Star Wars and was seen rolling around a big green field of grass wielding a polo stick and hitting a ball. Oh, my apologies .. that’s not R2D2, it’s Segway polo!

While I appreciate the difficulty of this sport as competition, I find it so .. well, I find it just adorable. Instead of cringing at the brutality of American football, I watched the 2010 Woz Challenge Cup and witnessed a kinder, gentler, yet still spirited, competition.  Less macho, more civil. I also like that Silicon Valley nerd (very wealthy nerd), Steve Wozniak (and here), one of the founders of Apple, opted to endorse Segway polo over a more brutal sport, even though some might argue that more brutal also means more sexy.

The story behind Barbados’ participation in Segway polo has the makings of a Hollywood movie. The Barbados team, called the Flying Fish, entered the competition for the first time last year; the story goes that the Barbados team was a rag-tag bunch that went to Germany ill-equipped and won the hearts of the spectators with their politeness and humility — and then swept the world-wide competition itself. Here are photos from last year’s competition in Cologne last year (and here’s a story from the Barbados Nation of the ’09 competition).

Since the following year’s championship game is held in the winner’s country, this year’s games were held in a three-day event in Barbados in which 80 players from around the world competed.  The event was held in Barbados at the beautiful Lions Castle Polo Estate for 3 days ending Sunday June 13.

And guess who defended their championship title????? Yes, the Flying Fish took the top slot again this year.  Way to go, Flying Fish!  (Join their Facebook page and meet the players.) Winning is definitely sexy.

Has success spoiled the Barbados team? Just before the final game, I spoke with famous former jockey and now Segway polo champ  Brett Callaghan and he was as nice and humble as a world champion could ever be.  In fact, he asked about me instead of boasting about himself.

Already a primary tourist destination, Barbados is also host of major world class athletic events in cricket, golf, sailing, thoroughbred horse racing, and polo – played on ponies and on Segways. Next year’s competition will once again be in Barbados. Stay tuned!

Segway Polo in Barbados

The 2010 Woz Challenge Cup: Segway Polo in Barbados. Click on photo to learn more about Barbados' Segway Polo. Here is the Barbados team called the Rum Runners playing a German team.

Segway Polo in Barbados

Named for Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple, the Woz Cup was held in Barbados June 10-13 at Lions Castle Polo Club

Barbados segway championships 2010 Barbados

Barbados Segway polo championship was held at the gorgeous Lions Castle polo grounds

Segway polo Barbados 2010

R2D2 and his friends play polo … Joking aside, the competition was quite fierce. (If only they hadn't been so cute!)

Lions Castle Barbados polo

Milling around on a beautiful day in Barbados at Lions Castle polo grounds

Flying Fish, the Barbados Segway polo team

Go, Flying Fish! The Barbados team carries the world champion title for a second year.

Segway polo Barbados: the goalie

The goalie waits

Barbados polo on a Segway

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  1. Stephen says:

    It was great fun. Perhaps the boardwalk police can enter a team next year!

  2. I love that idea, Stephen! Roll on!

  3. Oh LOL! I never imagined this sport existed….:D

  4. Ian Bourne says:

    Actually they’ll be looking for a threepeat in California come 2011

  5. Thanks for the correction, Ian. Why California? I thought the rule was the winning team hosted the next competition in its country. Anyway, thanks for the info. I’m disappointed .. I would have liked to have attended next year. xx

  6. Finola, hi. I know … ! When I told my daughter in New York about this, she said, “That’s a thing?”

    It’s actually lots and lots of fun!

  7. RumShopRyan says:

    What’s next…hover boards? I’m a fan of technology just as much as the next guy but this seems a little…ummm not cool.

    Controlling huge powerful horses is what makes polo even remotely interesting.

    Just my thoughts,

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