Why Jamaica Suffers and Barbados Prospers

Why Jamaica Suffers and Barbados Prospers

“This American Life” on National Public Radio aired an episode called “Social Contract” on June 18 that is a must-listen to anyone interested in the Caribbean.
The show features two related stories this past week, the first on New York State politics and what a mess it’s in.
The second show compares Barbados and Jamaica economically. They point out that both countries started out very much the same way, as English colonies, but are in very different places today because of policies put in place in the early 1990s.
The entire radio show is 60 minutes long. If you just want to hear the Barbados portion, move the slider to 36:40 on this link:   Stream Episode
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Some wonder what the fuss is about.

The copy below is directly from the This American Life website introducing the show.

NPR Prologue.

NPR Act One. Mister Fix It.

Richard Ravitch has helped fix three governmental crises, including when New York City nearly went bankrupt in 1975. What’s changed, to make it so much harder for him to solve the state’s current financial crisis? Host Ira Glass reports. (33 minutes)

NPR Act Two. If You Were Stranded on a Desert Island and Could Only Bring One Economic Plan…

Why is it that Barbados and Jamaica faced almost identical financial crises, but now Jamaica is incredibly poor and Barbados is prospering? Alex Blumberg reports on the surprising strategy Barbados used to survive its crisis. Alex first learned about this story from a paper by Peter Blair Henry, the dean of the Stern School of Business at New York University. (22 minutes)

This story was produced in conjunction with Planet Money, a co-production of This American Life and NPR News.Song: “Island in the Sun”, The Merrymen

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  2. proud jamaican says:

    Because barbados population is 250,000 and jamaica is 2.8 million

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