Colorado or Barbados: Which is More Beautiful?

Colorado or Barbados: Which is More Beautiful?

I live on the beach in Barbados but am a 4th-generation Coloradan.

In the late 1800s, my ancestors traveled across the U.S. in a covered wagon and settled just outside Boulder, Colorado, where they homesteaded 160 acres of land. They and subsequent generations ceaselessly worked the land and today the acreage gives back in abundance in terms of verdant beauty and richness of soil. My aunt and uncle own the farm now; they grow organic vegetables. My uncle also operates a knife-sharpening business out of the barn and at the Boulder Farmers Market; my aunt keeps a beautiful flower garden; together they rise with the sun to tend to the never-ending chores that come with running a farm.

I just returned from visiting my aunt and uncle on the farm over the 4th of July. Just as I awaken to the music of the gentle waves here in Barbados, on the farm I awaken to the soft rustling of the breeze ruffling the old oaks’ leaves. Just as my first stop each morning here in Barbados is my bedroom window to check the ever-changing Caribbean Sea, in Colorado my first stop is my window where I gaze out over the expansive fields, framed by the rugged Rocky Mountains.

Greg, my native Barbadian husband, is as entranced by the magic of my Rocky Mountains as I am by the magic of his Caribbean Sea.

I took all (except two) of the images below in the past five days. These vistas swim around in my head and I can’t decide which corner of god’s world is more beautiful: my family’s farm in Colorado or the beautiful island of Barbados. Fortunately, it’s a most lyrical and lovely debate and I feel privileged to have it. I was honored to be able to visit beloved family in this beautiful place in Colorado, as I was deeply appreciative to be able to return to the paradise of Barbados, my new home.

Boulder County Colorado

View of (and from) my family's farm in Colorado, just outside Boulder.

Bathsheba, Barbados

View of the Atlantic Ocean from Bathsheba, Barbados

A tractor in Lafayette, Colorado

A tractor at my family's farm in Colorado.

Barbados fishing boat

A fishing boat at Tent Bay on the east coast of Barbados.

Lafayette, Colorado, barn

My uncle Duane runs his knife-sharpening business on the farm from the barn.

Tent Bay, Barbados

An old hotel operates in Tent Bay, Barbados; the new Atlantis Hotel is next door.

Part of the organic veggie garden at the farm.

My family grows organic vegetables on their farm.

Just-caught mahi mahi in Barbados.

Barbados fishermen clean just-caught mahi mahi in Bathsheba, Barbados.

Sunset over the farm, Lafayette, Colorado

The sun sets over the farm.

A Barbados sunet.

The sun sets over beautiful Barbados.

A dog on the farm

A friend of our family jokes that in his next life he hopes to come back as one of my aunt Shirley's dogs on the farm.

Barbados beach dog.

I guess it wouldn't be too bad to come back as a dog in Barbados, either!

10 Responses to “Colorado or Barbados: Which is More Beautiful?”

  1. Lynn Lubitz says:

    Beautiful pictures Jane! Have never seen the rockies before, but if I could choose just one…it would be the beach life for me! (Safely said from my home in Ontario.)

  2. RumShopRyan says:

    That’s a tough one. I do love the mountains but I’m an island boy. So I would have to say Barbados. cheers!

  3. Thx, Island Boy. The Colorado Rockies are my home, so I guess they’re in my blood. But the sea here in Barbados sings to me in a way I’ve never experienced nature before. So I guess I’m an island-girl-in-the-making. Thank you for writing, Ryan.

  4. I understand your longing for the beach, Lynn. So …. what are you waiting for?! See you in 2011, I hope!!

  5. Curt Sachs says:

    Great pics. You have much creative and poetic genius. Yes, it’s Marv from NM. Long ago moved on to NJ and now Maine and loving it.

  6. Thank you for your kind comments, Marv. Glad to hear you’re doing well and are happy in Maine. Hi to the family for me.

  7. Carley Savage says:

    Dear Jane,

    Can you please send me your email address as I have a question to ask you.
    Kind Regards,
    Carley Savage

  8. Sarah Venable says:

    You take gorgeous photos, Jane. And it’s lovely to see the island through the dazzled eyes of a newcomer, as I once was, many years ago.

  9. Thank you. Yes, I agree with you, Sarah, about having the advantage of being a newcomer … everything is so new and special when seen for the first time, isn’t it?

    Warm regards … enjoy paradise!

    xx Jane

  10. Panama says:

    Your blog is inspirational, can you email me please.

    Kind regards,


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