If the BP Oil Disaster Happened in Barbados

If the BP Oil Disaster Happened in Barbados

If the BP oil spill had occurred in Barbados …. well, it pains me to think about it.

What are the people of the Gulf of Mexico in the US going through? What does it feel like and look like to have one’s beautiful beaches defaced? “If It Was My Home” gives a good idea.  Scroll down …

What if this:

Don't take a stroll along Carlisle Bay for granted. Barbados' pristine beaches are one of our country's most precious resource.

Looked like this?

To put the sheer size of the BP oil spill into perspective, the guys at “If It Was My Home” have created a program to let you measure it against the land mass surrounding any place on earth. Click on the link below (the word “Barbados” and then give it time to load) to see the size of the spill relative to our small and idyllic Caribbean country.  Then check it out next week – watch the black glob grow. Very instructive. Damned scary.

(Of course, you may also enter your town, and province (or state) in the location box top of page, then click on ‘move the oil spill.’)

Visualizing the BP Oil Spill Disaster

(in Barbados)

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