Come, Take a Ride With Me in Barbados! (Video)

Come, Take a Ride With Me in Barbados! (Video)

Barbados driving can be a challenge for a North American like me who’s not used to driving on the “wrong” side of the road. Add a gear shift and the uninitiated has got double-trouble.  And then there is the problem of road signs – or lack thereof – to help navigate.  And those charming distractions like coconut stands and cricket stands don’t much help a driver concentrate on the task at hand, either.

Barbados driving

If you're not used to right-hand-drive cars, then it's a triumph simply to get into the car on the correct side.

Still, what is the expression … ? Something about what matters in life is not the destination, but the journey….

So, what are we waiting for?! Let’s start ours!  (4-minute video below)

9 Responses to “Come, Take a Ride With Me in Barbados! (Video)”

  1. Meg Stewart says:

    Love it! My feelings about driving in Barbados exactly, though I’d add in the superfast buses that take up a lot of the road, dimly light highways, and sometimes there are goats sharing the road. I had to tweet about it your video…

  2. Ricky Goldman says:

    I loved your video! As a frequent visitor to Barbados, and a sometime driver on island, I love getting lost, asking directions and ultimately getting to my destination but I always allow lots of time. Maps do help but signs are geared to places that locals recognize, not necessarily my destination. Large buses and drivers who hog the road are a problem, also pot holes, as we call them in Canada. I avoid the ABC highway at night; roundabouts can be tricky. But, hey, it’s an island – you can’t get that lost!

  3. Yes, those buses … the “ZR” vans … they aren’t fast-driving; they’re low-flying! I really should have put those in, shouldn’t I?? I filmed on a Sunday when they’re not out much.

    The goats you refer to … those might be black-bellied sheep – they’re dead-ringers for goats, but they’re sheep of a variety I’ve never seen before moving to Barbados.

    Thx for the Tweet! I’m not good at Tweeting, so I definitely appreciate the boost! Thanks!

    Have a great day, Meg. Thanks for writing. See you at the coconut stand,

    xx Jane

  4. Right .. that’s what I always say, Ricky … How lost can you get on an island that’s 14 x 21 miles in size? And yet ….. ! There’s an area inland in which all of the bus signs say “Out of city” no matter which way you’re going … so, when I don’t remember, I end up going ’round and ’round in a circle there! You’re smart: leave lots of time to get anywhere .. and enjoy the getting lost! There are lots of rum shops, if you ever just want to give up on finding whatever you were looking for!

    You’re soooo right about those pot holes, too! They make for a very bumpy ride .. and bumpy video, too!

    Thanks for writing, Ricky. I enjoyed your comments.

  5. Ian Bourne says:

    If you watch “Enemy Of The State” with Will Smith, you learn that parking nose out gives you quicker time to make a getaway?

  6. RumShopRyan says:

    Thanks for the video. I think I would be fine with the left side driving but add the stick shift and like you I’d be in trouble.

    Those RumShops would be a distraction for me!


  7. Haha, especially you Bajan men!

  8. Given your name, I can imagine this would be the case! So ….. given my own frustrations with a stick shift, I’ll see ya there, Ryan. xx

  9. Ian Bourne says:

    For better driving tips you should visit StaySafeBarbados dot com!

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