In Barbados, Say “What????” If You Love Me.

In Barbados, Say “What????” If You Love Me.

Greg and I are a happy couple here in Barbados. We laugh, we play, we talk (and usually communicate).

We swim almost every morning and almost every evening in the brilliant blue, very warm Caribbean Sea that is our backyard here at the St Lawrence Beach Condos.

And that’s what I blame some of our conversations on: the salt air of the Caribbean Sea. It gets into our brains and, um, scrambles things.

Saturday evening Greg’s son Dean sent us a photo of himself dressed for a Halloween party he and his wife Erin were throwing at their home in Toronto.

In discussing Dean’s Halloween costume it occurs to me that Greg and I must’ve drunk swum quite a lot that day ….

Gainsborough's "The Blue Boy" and Dean as gladiator. Hm, maybe Greg's and my conversation made some sense after all.

Me: “Greg, who is Dean dressed as?”
Greg: “An English painter.”
Me: “An English painter?”
Greg: “Gainsborough.”
Me: “People are supposed to know this? Dean’s dressed as an 18th-century English painter who was … what? A superhero on the side?”
Greg: “Who?”
Me: “Gainsborough!!”
Greg: “What about Gainsborough?”
Me: “Dean’s costume! He’s Gainsborough?”
Greg: “No, Dean’s one of those guys who went into an arena to fight.”
Me: “A gladiator.”
Greg: “Right. A gladiator.”
Me: “Where’d Gainsborough come from?”
Greg: “I thought you asked me who Gainsborough was.”

Yes, that’s our problem … the salt air.  That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Happy Halloween, all.

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