Barbados South Coast Boardwalk

Barbados South Coast Boardwalk

The setting sun along Barbados' south coast boardwalk

The Caribbean Sea laps up next to Barbados' south coast boardwalk.

I couldn’t wait for the construction to be finished to explore the new boardwalk in Barbados a couple of days ago.  It’s gorgeous!  It runs 1.2 kilometer from Rockley Beach to Hastings in Christ Church on the south coast. This photo is a shot I took behind Aqua restaurant.

Barbados south coast boardwalk

Barbados' beautiful south coast boardwalk (that's Tapas restaurant alongside it).

The boardwalk’s beauty comes not just from the view of the Caribbean Sea but the Brazilian hardwood and Canadian granite used in the boardwalk’s construction.  My partner and I sat and contemplated the mind-blowing beauty of the south coast of Barbados as we sat on the beautiful benches that line much of the $18.4 million Bds ($9.2 million US) project.

The project even includes a new beach, using sand from a stockpile saved from when the Bridgetown Port was dredged during expansion work. This sand makes a beach by the popular Hastings Rocks where there’s been no beach for many years.


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  2. planetbarbados says:

    Nice site, Ian! You love the boardwalk and it shows. Your opening shot is beautiful. Have you been recently? It’s difficult to find it without people on it — lots of people using and enjoying this new addition to our island.

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