Aging Skin in Sunny Barbados: What’s a Girl to Do?

Aging Skin in Sunny Barbados: What’s a Girl to Do?

barbi_lSun worshiping is alive and well in Barbados. Visitors to the island soak up the rays on our beaches as though their bodies are solar panels from which they can source warmth and a golden glow after they return home.

Anyone familiar with the cold of the UK and Canada, home of most of our visitors, can understand the allure of our sun.

Alas, the sun’s rays exact their revenge. As does age.

My own skin bears witness. Even with the sunglasses-sunscreen-and-hat uniform I wear, my skin looks lived-in.

So, being a woman of a certain age who’s just (take your pick of verb: enjoyed/had/endured) another birthday, I decided to seek help. The very best docs are the ones whose work is so subtle that no one can tell you did anything. The goal is not to look 25 but to look great, no matter one’s age.

I took my chance with Dr Eddie Armogan of Aqua Medical. (There are no plastic surgeons in Barbados, not that I’m ready, brave, or rich enough for actual cutting of skin.) I had nothing to recommend Dr A, except that my husband’s son and the good doc attended school together (no, not medical school — elementary school). I figured bigger decisions in life are made on flimsier data … weapons of mass destruction, anyone?  Besides, Dr A’s brochure was fantastic.

$1500US and a few vials of Botox after arriving, I left Dr Armogan’s office not at all sure I’d done the right thing, money- or needle-wise. Buyer’s remorse? Maybe I just felt a bit foolish for being so vain.

Dr Armogan specializes in non-surgical treatment of the skin, including Botox and the filler Restylane and is one of Canada’s leading docs specializing in both. He’s also one of the few docs who’s able to administer Botox on the lower part of the face.

The doc told me that he recommended the usual areas for Botox injection — the forehead and crow’s feet — but he also suggested I try it in other areas as well.

I was fascinated … he said he could lessen the amount of gum I show in my smile with injections in the area below my nostrils. (Gummy smile? Who knew…)  And he could, he said, inject somewhere around my mouth (I can’t remember exactly where) in order to prevent a downturn in my mouth, an inevitable sign of aging.

It’s amazing what a recent birthday will motivate a woman to do.  I ignored my fears that my forehead would be so smooth you could project home movies off it and so tight it could be a backboard to practice tennis.  I went for it.

It’s now 2 weeks out. I’ve recovered, even if my bank account has not.

And I love it.

No movies will be projected off my forehead; rather, it’s beautifully smooth, a slight touch-up of an iron on a crumpled shirt. And the rest of my face looks … good. Really good. A transformation that’s subtle .. and elegant.

Okay, I admit it: I’m vain.  So shoot me already.

Just be sure it’s with Dr A’s Botox.

P.S.  Shameless plug for my Barbados beach holiday rentals.

8 Responses to “Aging Skin in Sunny Barbados: What’s a Girl to Do?”

  1. Ashmita Maharaj says:

    Barbados has a plastic surgeon but I can’t give a review without being sued for libel. Botox works! Like you, I’m too afraid of the knife.

  2. planetbarbados says:

    Thanks, Ashmita. I sure couldn’t find this Barbados plastic surgeon you refer to … and from what you say (and don’t say), I’m glad I couldn’t.

    Yes, I am impressed with what Dr Armogan did with Botox. During my visit, he suggested I get a little filler beneath my eyes. I told him I only do needles injecting poison on my first visit with cosmetic docs, but maybe next time.

    San Francisco was kinder to my skin than Barbados (um, so was youth). There’s a cost of living in sunny paradise (and getting older) … let’s call it ‘maintenance.’

  3. RR says:

    You should come to Poland and get your treatments here…everything is a third as expensive as in the US, and they have to comply to strict EU standards, so it’s safe. It’s great!

  4. planetbarbados says:

    Haha, I wonder if we could get two more opposite countries than Poland and Barbados?! Still, if I can catch a cheap flight, my vanity may tell me to go for it! Thanks.

  5. Linda says:

    I will be down the end of the month. This sounds like just what I need to come home looking rested. I may have to get his # from you……

  6. planetbarbados says:

    You may not need this sort of, um, help, Linda. I notice that people who visit Barbados look about ten years younger after about one week on this island. I wish that worked for those of us who live here … !

    Seriously, though .. Dr Armogan is very good and I’m happy to give you his number (246-228-2639). (He’s got a practice in Canada, too, though, so he’s not here all the time.) I warn you about one thing: his office is geared to the upsell, so hold on to your pocketbook! For example, I wanted a prescription for Retin-A … a simple request, right? I was told that I could buy it at the office but that to get it I needed to buy other products as well! I said forget it … I’ll get a ‘script from my US doc!

  7. patrick the vain says:

    I refuse to “age gracefully”… bring on the botox… then again… i refuse to “act my age”.

  8. I guess your nom de plume says it all, Patrick! Have fun!

    Me, I act my age … and probably look it, too! I’ve had Botox done twice but really didn’t care for it either time.

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