Unnatural Habitat: Barbadians in NY in Winter

Unnatural Habitat: Barbadians in NY in Winter

The sweet folks who exchanged homes with Greg and me over Christmas. While they wore swimsuits, we wore woolens in New York (it was wonderful for both parties!).

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  1. vicki says:

    Just adorable, Jane. And to think you were once an accomplished skier in Boulder, CO!! I, too, would choose the beach any day over a ski slope.

  2. stephen says:

    New York is a great place to visit … but in the summer!

  3. Vicki, hello. Yes, I was passionate about snow skiing for many years but that was long ago and is today very much not missed! Give me the serenity, beauty, and warmth of Barbados’ beaches any day.

  4. Actually, summers can be wretched in NY, too, Stephen. But then, the range of temperature within which I’m comfortable is quite narrow. Temperature-wise, spring and fall are the best times of year there imo. However, for me – for Christmas spirit, there’s nowhere like NYC – for me, anyway.

  5. rebecca says:

    Awesome video – you’re great with the editing! You’ll have to teach me how one of these days.

  6. Rachel Ney-Sokolovic says:

    Jane, great video! We had such an amazing time in Barbados. I had no idea that one island could offer such diverse beauty. From the gorgeous relaxing south coast to rugged Bathsheba, it was all a visual aesthetic experience. However, my favorite part of Barbados would be the Bajans. Everyone is so friendly and quick to offer assistance. Mladen and I spent a good deal of time conversing with locals about island life. We had such a hard time leaving! Alas, back to reality and cold NYC 🙁

  7. My darling daughter … thanks for even looking at the silly video first of all, for commenting second of all, and for believing I can still teach most-capable you anything most of all. xox mum

  8. You remind me that what’s most important in life comes down to just one thing: other people. Yes, Bajans are wonderful people. I’m so glad you enjoyed the island so very much.

    I would say our home exchange was a big success!


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